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bell - Third-party login plugin for hapi

  •    Javascript

Third-party authentication plugin for hapi.bell ships with built-in support for authentication using Facebook, GitHub, Google, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Slack, Stripe, Twitter, Yahoo, Foursquare, VK, ArcGIS Online, Windows Live, Nest, Phabricator, BitBucket, Dropbox, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitch, Mixer, Salesforce, Pinterest, Discord, DigitalOcean, AzureAD, trakt.tv and Okta. It also supports any compliant OAuth 1.0a and OAuth 2.0 based login services with a simple configuration object.

arc-xcode-test-engine - An Xcode test engine for use with Phabricator's arc command line tool.

  •    PHP

xcode-test-engine is a test engine for use with Phabricator's arc command line tool.xcode-test-engine presently works well with projects that have a single root workspace and a single unit test target.

canduit - Node.js Phabricator Conduit API client

  •    Javascript

Node.js Phabricator Conduit API client.The Canduit constructor takes an optional config parameter, and a callback(error, conduit) function. The callback fires after the canduit client instance has successfully authenticated with the server.

phabricator-to-github - A tool to migrate phabricator issues to github

  •    Javascript

This is a tool that was created to support the effort to move issues from Phabricator to Github.

phabricator-extensions - Github mirror of "phabricator/extensions" - our actual code is hosted in phabricator

  •    PHP

These extensions provide some basic custom functionality and integration with Wikimedia's systems.This Repository consists of a single libphutil module which can be used in phabricator by simply adding the repository root to the list of library paths specified by the key load-libraries within phabricator's config.

hubot-phabricator - Hubot plugin to expand on phabricator object names

  •    CoffeeScript

HUBOT_PHABRICATOR_IGNORE - Optional comma-separated list of phabricator objects that you want hubot to ignore. Hubot will listen for you mentioning something that sounds like a phabricator object, and will attempt to expand upon it.

arcanist-linters - A collection of custom Arcanist linters

  •    PHP

This is a collection of custom Arcanist linters that we've written at Pinterest. Lints for errors in Apache Thrift IDL (schema) files using the thrift compiler.

arcanist-owners - An Arcanist extension for displaying file ownership information

  •    PHP

This is similar to the built-in arc cover command, but instead of inferring likely owners based on "blame" statistics, arc owners uses the ownership definitions specified in Phabricator's Owners application. It's possible that arc cover could evolve to the point where arc owners becomes redundant. T2443 tracks progress in that direction.

phabulous - A Phabricator bot for Slack

  •    Go

Phabulous is a Slack bot for Phabricator. Node.js version: The Javascript version of this project has been replaced with a rewrite from scratch in Go. The code for the Javascript version is available at the legacy branch, but it won't be actively maintained.

Arcanist-Android-Lint - Android lint rule for phabricator arcanist

  •    PHP

Android lint rule for phabricator arcanist. It includes findbugs, checkstyle and pmd configurations with gradle lint. The library is based on https://github.com/imobile3/cassowary/blob/master/libcassowary/src/lint/linter/ArcanistAndroidLinter.php but configured to work with only gradle. Also the library is extended to include findbugs, checkstyle and pmd for better results.

phalerts - Phabricator webhook for Prometheus Alertmanager

  •    Python

phalerts is a simple service that implements Alertmanager webhook receiver API and creates/updates Phabricator tasks based on alert notifications from Alertmanager. You can optionally provide a project name/ID (or several) and phalerts will only look for tasks in that project, and will assign that project to all new tasks it creates.

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