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Winds - A Personalized RSS Reader

  •    Javascript

Winds is an Open Source app powered by Stream that gives you a new and personalized way to listen, read and share your favorite content. It is a beautiful RSS reader built using React, Redux, Sails, Node 7 and Stream (getstream.io). Showcases personalized feeds (using machine learning similar to Facebook, Flipboard, Etsy, and Quora - powered by the getstream.io API).

Amazon DSSTNE: Deep Scalable Sparse Tensor Network Engine

  •    C++

DSSTNE (pronounced "Destiny") is an open source software library for training and deploying recommendation models with sparse inputs, fully connected hidden layers, and sparse outputs. Models with weight matrices that are too large for a single GPU can still be trained on a single host. DSSTNE has been used at Amazon to generate personalized product recommendations for our customers at Amazon's scale.

Virtual Roles Sample Pack for EPiServer CMS


Virtual Roles is a powerful tool in order to make a personalized web site. This is a collection of Virtual Roles that helps you customize your web site to your visitors - and it even contains Dynamic Content that can only be seen by select roles.

Alternate SQL Provider Scripts


Like using the default SQL Provider implementations from Microsoft shipped as part of the .Net Install package? so do we. Hate the fact that the lack of database schemas and use of table naming practices straight out of SQL 7? so do we.

Quiz Personalization Program

  •    Python

A quiz written in Python which can be personalized according to the administrator.

pathforajs - Web personalization SDK

  •    Javascript

Pathfora JS is a lightweight SDK for displaying personalized modules on your website, it integrates with your Lytics account to track user actions, and conditionally display modules based on your users' audience membership. For more info and full configuration examples check out the full documentation. There are 4 types of modules and 5 layouts currently supported.