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Firefly III - A personal finances manager

  •    PHP

"Firefly III" is a (self-hosted) manager for your personal finances. It can help you keep track of your expenses and income, so you can spend less and save more. Firefly III supports the use of budgets, categories and tags. It can import data from external sources and it has many neat financial reports available.



A personal finance manager using machine learning and other stuff to help you manage your finances.

stashline - A long term personal finance planning timeline app for IOS

  •    Objective-C

StashLine is an IOS app for long term personal finance planning and simulation. For me it was a challenge to make something that was polished, complete, visually appealing and well designed. Not to mention that I wanted it as a useful tool for myself. It's been reasonably popular with around 7500 lifetime downloads.Check out the StashLine website for much more information. You can also check it out on the IOS app store.

personal-finance - Guide and notes for personal finance


This is an outline of our personal finance plan. I'm sharing this as a starting point for others to form their own plan, and also to gather feedback on what we can improve. If you have a suggestion, feel free to file an issue or email me at jollyjerry@gmail.com.

biweeklybudget - Responsive Flask/SQLAlchemy personal finance app, specifically for biweekly budgeting

  •    Python

Responsive Flask/SQLAlchemy personal finance app, specifically for biweekly budgeting. biweeklybudget is a responsive (mobile-friendly) Flask/SQLAlchemy personal finance application, specifically targeted at budgeting on a biweekly basis. This is a personal project of mine, and really only intended for my personal use. If you find it helpful, great! But this is provided as-is; I'll happily accept pull requests if they don't mess things up for me, but I don't intend on working any feature requests or bug reports at this time. Sorry.

moneygo - An accounting web application to track personal finances written in Go and React/Bootstrap

  •    Go

MoneyGo is a personal finance web application written in JavaScript and Golang. It adheres to double-entry accounting principles and allows for importing directly from financial institutions using OFX (via ofxgo). This project is in active development and is not yet ready to be relied upon as your primary accounting software (but please feel free to try it out and offer feedback!).

pynYNAB - a python client for the new YNAB

  •    Javascript

I've taken all precautionary steps so that this python Client can't affect YNAB even if used too widely.

ledger-cli-dashboard - :moneybag: :bank: :chart_with_upwards_trend: Customizable graphical reporting for ledger

  •    Makefile

This is a graphical reporting tool for ledger, created using the desktop version of just-dashboard. It is more intended as a starting point that you can extend and customize to match your own needs. Note: Instead of ':' characters, you have to use '/' characters to access sub-accounts.