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Capsule - The Capsule Hash Trie Collections Library

  •    Java

Capsule aims to become a full-fledged (immutable) collections library for Java 8+ that is solely built around persistent tries. The library is designed for standalone use and for being embedded in domain-specific languages. Capsule still has to undergo some incubation before it can ship as a well-rounded collection library. Nevertheless, the code is stable and performance is solid.

rpds - Rust Persistent Data Structures

  •    Rust

Rust Persistent Data Structures provides fully persistent data structures with structural sharing. Your classic functional list.

immutable - Thread-safe, persistent, immutable collections for the Crystal language

  •    Crystal

Efficient, thread-safe immutable data structures for Crystal. Whenever an Immutable data structure is "modified", the original remains unchanged and a modified copy is returned. However, the copy is efficient due to structural sharing. This makes Immutable data structures inherently thread-safe, garbage collector friendly and performant.

Forest - A collection of persistent immutable trees.

  •    Swift

A minimalist implementation of a binary tree using indirect enum. Forest contains a benchmarks app.


  •    TypeScript

A binary merkle tree implemented as a persistent data structure. When dealing with large datasets, it is very expensive to merkleize them in their entirety. In cases where large datasets are remerkleized often between updates and additions, using ephemeral structures for intermediate hashes results in significant duplicated work, as many intermediate hashes will be recomputed and thrown away on each merkleization. In these cases, maintaining structures for the entire tree, intermediate nodes included, can mitigate these issues and allow for additional usecases (eg: proof generation). This implementation also uses the known immutability of nodes to share data between common subtrees across different versions of the data.

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