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casbin - An authorization library that supports access control models like ACL, RBAC, ABAC in Golang

Casbin is a powerful and efficient open-source access control library for Golang projects. It provides support for enforcing authorization based on various access control models. In Casbin, an access control model is abstracted into a CONF file based on the PERM metamodel (Policy, Effect, Request, Matchers). So switching or upgrading the authorization mechanism for a project is just as simple as modifying a configuration. You can customize your own access control model by combining the available models. For example, you can get RBAC roles and ABAC attributes together inside one model and share one set of policy rules.

laravel-permission - Associate users with roles and permissions

This package allows you to manage user permissions and roles in a database. If you're using multiple guards we've got you covered as well. Every guard will have its own set of permissions and roles that can be assigned to the guard's users. Read about it in the using multiple guards section of the readme.

AndPermission - Android permissions manager.

For documentation and additional information see the website. AndPermission requires at minimum Android 4.0(Api level 14) .


EventHandler for WSS3 that allow modify security permission when add elements in sharepoint libraries or custom lists


Role-Based Access Control for Applications ranged from Standalone to Multi-tier. Also contain : Permission management. Support for multi-database types.

Impersonation Libraries (Class & Com Class)

This solution includes two libraries for implementing impersonation in your ASP.NET, .Net, VB6 or Classic ASP applications. 1.) Impersonation Class Library for any .Net based application. This was written against framework 3.5 but also should work with 2.0 & 1.1 since a bulk...

Sharepoint Permissions Manager

Sharepoint Permissions Manager (WSS 3.0/MOSS 2007 & Sharepoint 2010) This tool allows you to manage permissions for your entire site on one unique page.

MOSS Manage user membership feature

This MOSS feature is packaged in solution deployment sharepoint file (.wsp) to easy deploy it on Sharepoint servers. This feature show a new menu called "Manage User Membership" on site settings under "Users and Permissions" and permits to manage users membership.

STSADM Permissions

Manage list and document list permissions Manage file permissions in a document list For more information check http://www.softventure.pt

FileSystem - FileSystem is an application that allows you to browse the content of your iPhone disk, displaying file and folders, files contents, and detailed informations about file and folder permissions

FileSystem is an application that allows you to browse the content of your iPhone disk, displaying file and folders, files contents, and detailed informations about file and folder permissions. No file editing nor folder creation can be done through this application. It is intended to developers, to learn about the internal organisation of the iOS file system. FileSystem is an universal application, meaning you can use it on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It requires at least iOS 4.0. Latest versions of iOS, as well as latest iOS devices (iPhone 5, iPad Mini) are fully supported.

executable - Check if a file is executable

Returns a Promise for a boolean.Returns a boolean of whether the file is executable.

fs-access - Node.js 0.12 fs.access() & fs.accessSync() ponyfill

See the fs.access() & fs.accessSync() docs.Mode flags are on the fsAccess instance instead of fs. Only the F_OK mode is supported.

connect-acl - Simple ACL for Connect/Express

Simple ACL for Connect/Express. connect-acl can work only with Roles and Permissions.

Acl - The Hoa\Acl library.

Hoa is a modular, extensible and structured set of PHP libraries. Moreover, Hoa aims at being a bridge between industrial and research worlds. Whilst the word “list” is contained in its name, the underlying structure is a graph (please, see the Hoa\Graph library) where vertices (i.e. nodes) are groups.