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period - Complex period comparisons

  •    PHP

This package adds support for comparing multiple dates with each other. You can calculate the overlaps and differences between n-amount of periods, as well as some more basic comparisons between two periods. Periods can be constructed from any type of DateTime implementation, making this package compatible with custom DateTime implementations like Carbon (see cmixin/enhanced-period to convert directly from and to CarbonPeriod).

pretty-time-zsh - Convert seconds to a human readable string: 165392 → 1d 21h 56m 32s

  •    Shell

Install with npm or Antigen, clone this repo, or just download the pretty-time.zsh file.Add zgen load sindresorhus/pretty-time-zsh to your .zshrc and run zgen reset.

dot-case - Dot case a string in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Dot case a string. Supports Unicode (non-ASCII characters) and non-string entities, such as objects with a toString property, numbers and booleans. Empty values (null and undefined) will result in an empty string.

chronoman - Utility class to simplify use of timers created by setTimeout

  •    Javascript

Utility class to simplify use of timers created by setTimeout. Use dist/chronoman.js or dist/chronoman.min.js (minified version).

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