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Flamegraph - Easy flamegraphs for Rust projects and everything else, without Perl or pipes <3

  •    Rust

A Rust-powered flamegraph generator with additional support for Cargo projects! It can be used to profile anything, not just Rust projects.

time-grunt - Display the elapsed execution time of grunt tasks

  •    Javascript

The watch task and tasks that take less than 1% of the total time are hidden to reduce clutter.Run grunt with grunt --verbose to see all tasks.

hotspot - The Linux perf GUI for performance analysis.

  •    C++

This project is a KDAB R&D effort to create a standalone GUI for performance data. As the first goal, we want to provide a UI like KCachegrind around Linux perf. Looking ahead, we intend to support various other performance data formats under this umbrella. The main feature of hotspot is visualizing a perf.data file graphically.

nanocomponent - 🚃 - create performant HTML components

  •    Javascript

Native DOM components that pair nicely with DOM diffing algorithms. These are some common patterns you might encounter when writing components.

react-performance - Helpers to debug and record component render performance 🚀

  •    Javascript

With the release of React Fiber in v16, react-addons-perf has officially become obsolete. This project aims to be a "close enough" alternate solution.NOTE: In a production environment, ReactPerformance disables itself.

timings - NodeJS/Express API to assert performance results during functional testing

  •    Javascript

Install and run this API in your local network and call if from your test scripts (using clients or directly).To simplify communication with the API, there are currently two clients that you can install: one for JavaScript (npm i --save-dev timings-client-js) and one for Python (pip install timingsclient). Easy to install and easy to use! For all other languages, you will have to interact with API yourself using http POST calls. More info here.

protractor-perf - E2E test framework to check for performance regressions in Angular apps

  •    Javascript

Just like Protractor is the end to end test case runner for AngularJS to check for functional regressions, this project is a way check for performance regressions while reusing the same test cases. Install protractor-perf using npm install -g protractor-perf.

autocannon-ci - run your benchmarks as part of your dev flow, for Node.js

  •    Javascript

autocannon-ci can store the results and generate the flamegraphs of your HTTP/1.1 benchmarks of Node.js server. Run your autocannon benchmarks as part of your CI/dev flow, for Node.js. autocannon-ci is a tool to run multiple HTTP/1.1 benchmarks, and generate the relative flamegraphs, with the help of 0x.

network - Measure network latency to make dynamic adjustments to content

  •    Javascript

Measure network latency to make dynamic adjustments to content. The following example measures image s3 download latency, and may be used to detect a poor connection and respond with smaller images.

trace - Client-side tracing for performance analysis

  •    Javascript

Client-side tracing for performance analysis in production. Initialize a new Tracer with the given id and name. A "cycle" represents N related traces, these traces may be sequential or concurrent, later graphed to show you how long the cycle and its components spent processing.

perf - Linux Perf subsystem bindings for Go

  •    Go

Unfortunately, it is not possible for a program being profiled by perf to exclude all but a specific bit of code. The linux documentation seems to imply that this can be achieved with prctl, but there are mailing list posts indicating that this does not work. The solution is to profiling a specific section of code is to "self profile", which is that a program should configure and read the linux counters itself. In this case, prctl(PR_TASK_PERF_EVENTS_DISABLE) and prctl(PR_TASK_PERF_EVENTS_ENABLE) work as expected.

httpstat - httpstat node implementation

  •    Javascript

httpstat can visualize http performance like curl interface inspired by [go httpstat](http://github.com/davecheney/httpstat)

torch - Generate CPU FlameGraphs based on DWARF Debug Info

  •    Perl

A script that glues perf CPU sampling and Brendan Gregg's visualizer to generate FlameGraphs.

grunt-critical - Grunt task to extract & inline critical-path CSS from HTML

  •    HTML

Run this task with the grunt critical command. Task targets, files and options may be specified according to the grunt Configuring tasks guide.

xmempool - 🛀 A memory pool implemented by C.

  •    C

A memory pool implemented by C. Sharing a same pool in multi-thread is not recommanded.

react-performance-observer - Get performance measurements from React Fiber

  •    Javascript

react-performance-observer is a small abstraction over PerformanceObserver which reports only the measurements that come from React and parses information out of the name (See ReactDebugFiberPerf). Or if you want to create your own PerformanceObserver you can use just the parseEntry() method.

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