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uvCharts - Simple yet powerful JavaScript Charting library built using d3.js

  •    Javascript

Simple, robust, extensible JavaScript charting library built using d3 designed to help developers embed, build charts in less than couple of minutes. To learn more about uvCharts and how to use it, read the wiki page or the 5 minute quick start guide.

react-native-percentage-circle - 🐳 React Native Percentage Circle

  •    Javascript

React-Native-Percentage-Cirlce is a component which supports you define your percent and draw the circle.And also you can use it as a progress bar.And you can show some data in a circle you want.

pidusage - Cross-platform process cpu % and memory usage of a PID

  •    Javascript

Cross-platform process cpu % and memory usage of a PID. Ideas from https://github.com/arunoda/node-usage but with no C-bindings.

node-request-progress - Tracks the download progress of a request made with mikeal/request

  •    Javascript

Tracks the download progress of a request made with request, giving insight of various metrics including progress percentage, download speed and time remaining.If the request's response does not include the content-length header, the values of some metrics will be null. Also speed and time.remaining will be null until it can be calculated.

ng-filters - Awesome generic angular filters

  •    Javascript

###percentage Returns a number formatted as a percentage. Numbers between 0 and 1 will be rounded up to 10th decimal place.I used Restangular as a template for this project as no one has yet to create a project template for new projects. The bytes filter originated from Thom Seddon before some improvements were made.

calc-percent - Calculate percentage

  •    Javascript

Value which should be calculated.Total that val should be compared against.

stylus-type-utils - Stylus typography functions and type conversion

  •    CSS

Much needed Stylus typeography unit coersion and normalization. Provides several common unit conversion functions to convert between types effortlessly and in sync with the content font size. To use the stylus-type-utils library within your framework, use @import or use via the Stylus JS API.

percent-value - :bar_chart: Percentage helper functions.

  •    Javascript

Percentage helper functions. Have an idea? Found a bug? See how to contribute.

progress-stream - Read the progress of a stream

  •    Javascript

Read the progress of a stream. Supports speed and eta. Gets the length of the stream automatically if you're using the request or http module. You can also pass the length on initiation. Progress-stream will also check to see if the stream already has a length property.

pidusage - Cross-platform process cpu % and memory usage of a PID for golang

  •    Go

A check on the runtime.GOOS is done to determine the method to use. Memory result is representing the RSS (resident set size) only by doing rss*pagesize, where pagesize is the result of getconf PAGE_SIZE.

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