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mpv.js - :movie_camera: mpv pepper plugin

  •    C++

In order to try mpv.js you need to install mpv library first.Package includes prebuilt binaries for all major platforms so no need to setup compilers.

pepper - A CLI front-end the salt-api written in Go.

  •    Go

Pepper is a small CLI tool written in Go to run Salt commands against the HTTP API. It's very thin and there's almost no logic to the script. Both PAM and LDAP auth methods are supported.

ros2_pepper - Scripts for cross-compiling ROS and ROS2 for Softbank's Pepper

  •    Shell

This project contains a set of patches and scripts to compile and run ROS 1 and ROS 2 onboard a Pepper robot, without the need of a tethered computer. We're going to use Docker to set up a container that will compile all the tools for cross-compiling ROS and all of its dependencies. Go to https://https://www.docker.com/community-edition to download it and install it for your Linux distribution.

jhash - Password hashing utility in Java

  •    Java

Password hashing utility in Java. It can hash passwords with PBKDF2 hmac SHA1/SHA256/SHA512, BCRYPT, or SCRYPT, and it salts automatically and has a pepper option. Or Download the latest release. Published on JCenter.

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