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castnow - commandline chromecast player

  •    Javascript

Castnow is a command-line utility that can be used to play back media files on your Chromecast device. It supports playback of local video files, videos on the web and torrents. You can also re-attach a running playback session (this sentence should belong somewhere else). I currently don't have that much time to maintain this project and have also lost some interest (to be honest). Main reason is that we have had a new TV for a few months that supports casting directly to it using DLNA (you may wanna checkout dlnacast). Feel free to contact me ( simon@sope.io ) if you want to be added as a maintainer to castnow.

peerflix-server - Streaming torrent client for Node.js with web ui.

  •    Javascript

Streaming torrent client for node.js with web ui. Based on torrent-stream, inspired by peerflix.

show-time - Watch TV shows and movies with a simple CLI

  •    Javascript

Those steps are optional, you can just run show-time and skip the feed option, you'll be in "Browse mode" by default. Binding arbitrary free ports and not playing video means you can run the command as many times as you want.

peerflix-web - Web interface to control peerflix

  •    Javascript

Easily stream torrents to a Raspberry Pi via your smart phone, tablet or pc. Peerflix web provides an interface to stream torrents using peerflix and control playback via omxplayer. For convenience, you can also search torrents directly using peerflix web. This project is an updated version of torrentcast, with a web interface to control playback.

torrent-piece - Torrent piece abstraction

  •    Javascript

Also works in the browser with browserify! This module is used by WebTorrent and torrent-stream. MIT. Copyright (c) Feross Aboukhadijeh and WebTorrent, LLC.

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