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simple-peer - 📡 Simple WebRTC video/voice and data channels

  •    Javascript

This module works in the browser with browserify.Note: If you're NOT using browserify, then use the included standalone file simplepeer.min.js. This exports a SimplePeer constructor on window.

bittorrent-tracker - 🌊 Simple, robust, BitTorrent tracker (client & server) implementation

  •    Javascript

Node.js implementation of a BitTorrent tracker, client and server. A BitTorrent tracker is a web service which responds to requests from BitTorrent clients. The requests include metrics from clients that help the tracker keep overall statistics about the torrent. The response includes a peer list that helps the client participate in the torrent swarm.

holla - An abstraction over P2P video/voice/data connections using WebRTC

  •    Javascript

Pipes a WebRTC video stream to a video element. el can be a string (id), jquery element, or dom node.

hlsjs-p2p-engine - A free hls

  •    Javascript

All domain names that are not bound in the management system (https://oms.cdnbye.com) will stop providing P2P services. Please bind your domain names in time to avoid being affected. Put the quick-start.html in your web page, run it. Wait for a few seconds,then open the same page from another browser. Now you have a direct P2P connection between two browsers without plugin! The first web peer will serve as a seed, if no one else in the same channel.

coplay - Synchronizing video play between two peers.

  •    Javascript

Synchronizing video play between two peers. When two browsers are playing the same web video, Coplay can connect them with WebRTC (using PeerJS) and enable users to control two video players synchronously.

peer-wire-protocol - the peer wire protocol used in torrents for node.js

  •    Javascript

peer-wire-protocol is a node stream implementation of the peer wire protocol specification. The protocol is the main communication layer when transferring files using BitTorrent and is used by peerflix.Send and receive a handshake from the peer. This is the first message.

p2p-graph - Real-time P2P network visualization with D3

  •    Javascript

Works in the browser with browserify! This module is used by WebTorrent. You can see this package in action on the webtorrent.io homepage or play with it on the esnextb.in demo.In graph theory, a directed graph (or digraph) is a graph that is a set of vertices connected by edges, where the edges have a direction associated with them.

kalm.js - The socket manager

  •    Javascript

Call buffering can reduce payload sizes at the cost of some initial latency. This makes a huge difference when you need to send a large number of small packets, such as multiplayer games do. See Nagle's algorithm.

peer-npm - :honeybee: Publish and install node packages from the swarm.

  •    Javascript

NOTE: Very unstable and mad science-y. Use at your own discretion.To be used just like vanilla npm, but with a subset of commands: install, remove, and publish.

relaychum - friend-to-friend anonymous darknet

  •    Javascript

Create a new relay with opts.id.Return a new stream for replicating with your peers.

peer-data - Library for files, media streaming/sharing using WebRTC

  •    TypeScript

PeerData is a library for bidirectional peer-to-peer transfers of arbitrary data using RTCDataChannel. Simple WebRTC wrapper providing data channel abstraction.WebRTC needs a messaging service to set up and maintain a WebRTC call.

peer-exchange - :woman::left_right_arrow::man: Decentralized peer discovery and signaling

  •    Javascript

peer-exchange is a client for the Peer Exchange Protocol (PXP), a decentralized protocol for peer discovery and signaling. Rather than using centralized signal hubs, each node in the network exchanges peers and relays signaling data.This client uses WebRTC for peer connections, but you may also use any other transport by manually connecting and passing in a duplex stream.

kinectron - Electron + Kinect2 + PeerJS = Kinect data broadcast to browsers

  •    Javascript

Kinectron is a node-based library that broadcasts Kinect2 data over a peer connection. It builds on the Node Kinect2 and PeerJS libraries.Kinectron has two components--an electron application to broadcast Kinect2 data over a peer connection, and a client-side API to request and receive Kinect2 data over a peer connection.

signal-channel - A signal channel that empowers webrtc

  •    Javascript

WebRTC allows you to make a peer connection between two arbitary browsers. To be able to do so you need to exchange session descriptions that tell eachother where you are and how you can open a peer connection. To exchange these session descriptions you need a signal channel. A server to which you can send descriptions and receive descriptions.

hyperdb-osm - Peer-to-peer OpenStreetMap database over hyperdb.

  •    Javascript

Peer-to-peer OpenStreetMap database over hyperdb. Create the new OSM element element and add it to the database. The resulting element, populated with the id and version fields, is returned by the callback cb.

nodetron - PROOF OF CONCEPT ONLY: A peer-to-peer library that experiments with HTML5 WebRTC and Web Workers

  •    Javascript

This project is under heavy development. Many features are only partially implemented. Its API is subject to major changes. A peer-to-peer, rich-client web app library that uses HTML5 WebRTC and Web Workers to reduce reliance on central servers and enable greater decentralization by routing requests directly to peers.

sneeze - Easily join SWIM networks

  •    Javascript

Easily join SWIM networks. See http://www.cs.cornell.edu/~asdas/research/dsn02-SWIM.pdf. This module is used by seneca-mesh to provide zero-configuration service discovery. A usage example is provided by the 14 microservice ramanujan Twitter clone (including a Docker Swarm configuratiion).

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