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pdfvuer - A PDF viewer for Vue using Mozilla's PDF.js

  •    Vue

The url of the pdf file. src may also be a string|TypedArray|DocumentInitParameters|PDFDataRangeTransport for more details, see PDFJS.getDocument(). The page number to display.

angular-pdf-viewer - Just another Angular directive for displaying PDF files using PDF.js

  •    Java

Note that you can specify only one of the 'src' and 'file' attributes. In case you want to use both, you have to make sure you null out the other one, because the update order is not guaranteed. Search functionality requires the text layer to be present.

pympress - Pympress is a simple yet powerful PDF reader designed for dual-screen presentations

  •    Python

Pympress is a little PDF reader written in Python using Poppler for PDF rendering and GTK+ for the GUI. It is designed to be a dual-screen reader used for presentations and public talks, with two displays: the Content window for a projector, and the Presenter window for your laptop. It is portable and has been tested on various Mac, Windows and Linux systems.

aesop - The simplest PDF viewer around

  •    Vala

Please make sure you have these dependencies first before building.

react-pdf-highlighter - Set of React components for PDF annotation

  •    Javascript

react-pdf-highlighter is a React library that provides annotation experience for PDF documents on web. It is built on top of PDF.js by Mozilla. Text and rectangular highlights are supported. Highlight data format is independent of the viewport, making it suitable for saving on the server. For online demo check https://agentcooper.github.io/react-pdf-highlighter/.

qed - QED is a multi-screen projector system written in Javascript.

  •    Java

QED is a multi-screen projector system written in Javascript. Source is available as free software/open source underApache license 2.0. QED was inspired by a latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum meaning which is what had to be proven. Traditionally used in mathematics, since this software was primarily written for MSRI it seemed appropriate.