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wazuh - Wazuh - Host and endpoint security

  •    C

This diverse set of capabilities is provided by integrating OSSEC, OpenSCAP and Elastic Stack, making them work together as a unified solution, and simplifying their configuration and management. Wazuh provides an updated log analysis ruleset, and a RESTful API that allows you to monitor the status and configuration of all Wazuh agents.

scap-security-guide - Baseline compliance content in SCAP formats

  •    Python

The purpose of this project is to create security policy content for various platforms -- Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, and others. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible to write new and maintain existing security content in all the commonly used formats. "SCAP content" refers to documents in the XCCDF, OVAL and Source DataStream formats. These documents can be presented in different forms and by different organizations to meet their security automation and technical implementation needs. For general use we recommend Source DataStreams because they contain all the data you need to evaluate and put machines into compliance. The datastreams are part of our release ZIP archives.

pci-paas-webapp-ase-sqldb-appgateway-keyvault-oms - Payment processing implementation on Azure using PaaS services

  •    PowerShell

The pci-paas-webapp-ase-sqldb-appgateway-keyvault-oms solution deployment is designed to address both the Payment Processing Blueprint for PCI DSS-compliant environments as well as the Azure Blueprint Automation: Financial Services Blueprint for Regulated Workloads deployments.

wazuh-ansible - Wazuh - Ansible playbook


This playbooks installs and configure Wazuh agent, manager and Elastic Stack. The playbooks have been modified by Wazuh, including some specific requirements, templates and configuration to improve integration with Wazuh ecosystem.

wazuh-api - Wazuh - RESTful API

  •    Javascript

Wazuh API is an open source RESTful API to interact with Wazuh from your own application or with a simple web browser or tools like cURL. Our goal is to completely manage Wazuh remotely. Perform everyday actions like adding an agent, check configuration, or look for syscheck files are now simplest using Wazuh API.

wazuh-docker - Wazuh - Docker containers

  •    Shell

In addition, a docker-compose file is provided to launch the containers mentioned above. It also launches an Elasticsearch container (working as a single-node cluster) using Elastic Stack Docker images. Containers are currently tested on Wazuh version 3.3.0 and Elastic Stack version 6.2.4. We will do our best to keep this repository updated to latest versions of both Wazuh and Elastic Stack.

wazuh-documentation - Wazuh - Project documentation

  •    Python

Here you will find instructions to install and deploy Wazuh HIDS. If you want to contribute to this documentation (built using Sphinx) or our projects please head over to our Github repositories and submit pull requests.

wazuh-kibana-app - Wazuh - Kibana plugin

  •    Javascript

Visualize and analyze Wazuh alerts stored in Elasticsearch using our Kibana app plugin. If you want to contribute to our project please don't hesitate to send a pull request. You can also join our users mailing list, by sending an email to mailto:wazuh+subscribe@googlegroups.com, to ask questions and participate in discussions.

wazuh-puppet - Wazuh - Puppet module

  •    Puppet

This module installs and configure Wazuh agent and manager. This Puppet module has been authored by Nicolas Zin, and updated by Jonathan Gazeley and Michael Porter. Wazuh has forked it with the purpose of maintaining it. Thank you to the authors for the contribution.

wazuh-ruleset - Wazuh - Ruleset

  •    Python

Wazuh ruleset is used to detect attacks, intrusions, software misuse, configuration problems, application errors, malware, rootkits, system anomalies or security policy violations. The ruleset includes compliance mapping with PCI DSS v3.1 and CIS.

wazuh-splunk - Wazuh - Splunk app

  •    Javascript

Wazuh app for Splunk offers an option to visualize Wazuh Alerts and API data. Wazuh helps you to gain deeper security visibility into your infrastructure by monitoring hosts at an operating system and application level. If you want to contribute to our project please don't hesitate to send a pull request. You can also join our users mailing list, by sending an email to mailto:wazuh+subscribe@googlegroups.com, to ask questions and participate in discussions.

MCW-Modern-cloud-apps - MCW Modern cloud apps


The Contoso Sports League Association (CSLA) is one of the largest sports franchises and is struggling to keep up with demand from their growing user base. They currently host an e-commerce website and have a backend website that supports their call center, allowing employees to view order information. CSLA would like to modernize their websites and move to the cloud, ultimately moving away from managing infrastructure. They are interested in whether Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) will meet their needs so they can completely remove the infrastructure management overhead. However, they are concerned about securing their websites and data to meet the stringent PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance requirements.

MCW-Securing-PaaS - MCW Securing PaaS

  •    CSharp

Fourth Coffee is an American coffeehouse chain that was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1970. It currently operates over 20,000 locations worldwide. The CEO has established a mandate to revamp their loyalty program that starts with their platform. Other than tracking the serial number of the gift card, its balance and purchase history, Fourth Coffee does not have any direct way to associate the purchase history with the customer. They feel this is a big opportunity for them to address, and in doing so will enable them to launch their worldwide customer loyalty program.