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react-native-payments - Accept Payments with Apple Pay and Android Pay using the Payment Request API

  •    Objective-C

This project is currently in beta and APIs are subject to change. Accept Payments with Apple Pay and Android Pay using the Payment Request API.

Cashier-BTC - 💰 Self-hosted Bitcoin payment gateway (฿)

  •    Javascript

Self-hosted Node.js Bitcoin payment gateway. Provides REST API (microservice). Process Bitcoin payments on your end, securely, with no comission.Request payments (invoicing), check payments (whether invoice is paid), receive callbacks if payment is made. Aggregate funds on final (aggregational) address. Depends on Nodejs v8+, Bitcoin Core, Couchdb for storage.

stripe-payments-demo - Sample store accepting universal payments on the web with Stripe Elements, Payment Request, Apple Pay, and the Sources API

  •    Javascript

This demo features a sample e-commerce store that uses Stripe Elements and the Sources API to illustrate how to accept both card payments and additional payment methods on the web.If you’re running a compatible browser, this demo also showcases the Payment Request API, Apple Pay, and Pay with Google for a seamless payment experience.

interledger-payment-app-example - An implementation of the Interledger spec through an Android's Payment App

  •    Java

This is a project that was done as part of a hack-o-thon organized at the Interledger Workshop at Blockchain Expo. This repo is meant as a showcase of an Android payment app, using the Interledger spec for payment.As such, it contains both the website implementation of the Payment Request and a Payment App itself. It does not contain the ledger implementations. These are hardcoded to use https://red.ilpdemo.org and https://blue.ilpdemo.org as originating and the destination ledgers. Both are running the NodeJS ILP kit and have been implemented as an initiative to show off the Interledger spec.

Coinbase - :moneybag: A .NET/C# implementation of the Coinbase API.

  •    CSharp

A .NET implementation for the Coinbase API. This library uses API version 2.Upon successful build, the results will be in the \__compile directory. If you want to build NuGet packages, run build.cmd pack and the NuGet packages will be in __package.

Instamojo-rb - Ruby wrapper for Instamojo API v1.1

  •    Ruby

This is the Ruby library of Instamojo REST API. This will assist you to programmatically create, edit and delete links on Instamojo. Also supports RAP api for payments request, listing and status. Note: If you're using this wrapper with our sandbox environment https://test.instamojo.com/ then you should pass 'https://test.instamojo.com/api/1.1/' as third argument to the Instamojo class while initializing it. API key and Auth token for the same can be obtained from https://test.instamojo.com/developers/ (Details: Test Or Sandbox Account).

web-payments-example - Demo for Payment Request API and Apple Pay for the Web API

  •    Javascript

Demo for Payment Request API and Apple Pay for the Web https://lab.tridnguyen.com/web-payments-example/. To see Payment Request API, use Chrome on Android version 53 or later.

react-payment-request-api - High order component to drive Payment Request widget

  •    TypeScript

React high order component to drive payment request widget on react applications 💳. Payment request api is supported on Chrome for desktop v. ^60.0, Chrome for Android and Android Webview v. ^53.0, Microsoft Edge v. ^15.0.

appr-wrapper - Payment Request wrapper for Apple Pay JS

  •    TypeScript

"appr-wrapper" wraps Apple Pay JS and allows you to write Payment Request API code to use the API. Try a demo from Safari on iOS and Chrome for Android. See that it works on both platforms in a single code base.

payment-request - :money_with_wings: Implementation of Payment Request Api using pagarme

  •    Javascript

:money_with_wings: Implementation of Payment Request Api using pagarme