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A general purpose library for building credit card forms, validating inputs and formatting numbers.jquery.payment is deprecated. We recommend that you use either Stripe Checkout or Stripe Elements to collect card information.

Payum - PHP 7+ Payment processing library

Forma-Pro is a full stack development company which interests also spread to open source development. Being a team of strong professionals we have an aim an ability to help community by developing cutting edge solutions in the areas of e-commerce, docker & microservice oriented architecture where we have accumulated a huge many-years experience. Our main specialization is Symfony framework based solution, but we are always looking to the technologies that allow us to do our job the best way. We are committed to creating solutions that revolutionize the way how things are developed in aspects of architecture & scalability. Payum is released under the MIT License.

bitcore - A full stack for bitcoin and blockchain-based applications

Bitcore is a infrastructure to build Bitcoin and blockchain-based applications for the next generation of financial technology. It is a full bitcoin node, your apps run directly on the peer-to-peer network. For wallet application development, additional indexes have been added into Bitcoin for querying address balances, transaction history, and unspent outputs.

Spree - eCommerce solution in Ruby on Rails

Spree is a complete open source e-commerce solution built with Ruby on Rails. The Spree storefront offers a full feature set and is built on common standards, so you don't have to compromise speed to market, efficiency or innovation. The modular platform allows you to easily configure, supplement or replace any functionality you need, so that you can build the exact storefront that you want.

bitcore-lib - A pure and powerful JavaScript Bitcoin library

A pure and powerful JavaScript Bitcoin library.Bitcoin is a powerful new peer-to-peer platform for the next generation of financial technology. The decentralized nature of the Bitcoin network allows for highly resilient bitcoin infrastructure, and the developer community needs reliable, open-source tools to implement bitcoin apps and services.

paynode - Mega library that includes various loadable modules for interacting with different payment gateways

Paynode is the new superset payment gateway module that will provide nodejs adapters for various payment gateways. This is all a rapid rework of my exisiting paypal-payflowpro module so expect some API changes to happen quite rapidly.

payment - :moneybag: A jQuery-free general purpose library for building credit card forms, validating inputs and formatting numbers

A jQuery-free general purpose library for building credit card forms, validating inputs and formatting numbers. Heavily, heavily based on @stripe's jquery.payment library, but without the jQuery. You can find a full demo here.

PayumBundle - Payum offers everything you need to work with payments

The bundle integrate payum into symfony framework. It already supports +35 gateways. Provide nice configuration layer, secured capture controller, storages integration and lots of more features. Sylius e-commerce platform base its payment solutions on top of the bundle.

J2Pay - Multi-gateway payment processing library for java

J2Pay is an open source multi-gateway payment processing library for Java. Which provides simple and generic api for many gateways. It reduces developers efforts of writing individual code for each gateway. It provides flexibility to write code once for all gateways. It also excludes the efforts of reading docs for individual gateways.

gringotts - A complete payment library for Elixir and Phoenix Framework

Gringotts is a payment processing library in Elixir integrating various payment gateways, drawing motivation from Shopify's activemerchant gem and commerce_billing. Checkout the demo here. Gringotts offers a simple and unified API to access dozens of different payment gateways with very different APIs, response schemas, documentation and jargon.

Payment - 基于

基于 .NET Core 2.1 / ASP.NET Core 2.1 开发的跨平台支付SDK集。简化了API调用及相关通知的处理流程。目前支持:支付宝(Alipay)、微信支付(WeChatPay)、QQ钱包(QPay)、京东支付(JDPay)、连连支付(LianLianPay)、银联支付(UnionPay)

stripe - A comprehensive PHP Library for the Stripe.

A comprehensive PHP Library for Stripe.This package is supported by Cartalyst and is not affiliated with Stripe. The package requires PHP 5.5.9+ and follows the FIG standards PSR-1, PSR-2 and PSR-4 to ensure a high level of interoperability between shared PHP.

paypal-checkout - Javascript Integration for PayPal Button and PayPal Checkout

A set of components allowing easy integration of PayPal Buttons and PayPal Checkout into your site, powered by xcomponent.Do you want the simplest possible PayPal Integration? If so, you should stick with the Basic PayPal Checkout Button which allows you to just drop a button straight into your page. This will allow your customer to pay with PayPal, and we'll notify you when they're done.

php-bitpay-client - PHP implementation for the BitPay cryptographically secure RESTful API

Add to your composer.json file by hand.Please see the docs directory for information on how to use this library and the examples directory for examples on using this library. You should be able to run all the examples by running php examples/File.php.

node-fortumo - unofficial fortumo sms payment bindings for node.js

node-fortumo is unofficial binding for the Fortumo SMS payment API. You can listen for incoming SMS messages and response to them with ease. See example/server.js for usage.NB! Update service_id and secret in the script with the actual tokens of your service.

iso-8583 - :credit_card: A native Node module to process ISO 8583 Financial transaction card originated messages

ISO 8583 Financial transaction card originated messages — Interchange message specifications is the International Organization for Standardization standard for systems that exchange electronic transactions made by cardholders using payment cards.A native method to pack a message.