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conflux - Distributed, predictable state container

  •    Javascript

Conflux is Redux for distributed systems.Distributed systems are hard. Conflux is an attempt at making distributed systems understandable. It aims to do what Redux did for Flux, and what Raft did for Paxos.

gaggle - A Raft implementation that focuses on ease of use

  •    Javascript

Gaggle is a Raft implementation that focuses on ease of use.Anything that can be serialized and deserialized as JSON is valid message data. If callback is not provided, a Promise will be returned.

cruise - A node implementation of raft

  •    Javascript

Cruise is a node implementation of the Raft consensus algorithm. It's primary use is to coordinate groups of machines within a distributed system. Cruise ensures that nodes will hold a consistent view of the cluster's replicated log. Raft is similar to Paxos, but with the goal of being simpler to implement and understand. For a more complete description, it's worth checking out the original paper by Diego Ongaro and Jon Ousterhout.

cruise-db - A reference k/v store based upon cruise

  •    Javascript

A reference k/v store based upon cruise. It's the javascript analog to goraft/raftd. You can query keys from the followers and they should stay in sync with any new keys posted to the leader.

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