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  •    JQuery

Allows you to use the jQuery.Deferred mechanism in combination with setTimeout and setInterval.


  •    Javascript

This is a Stream that will strictly buffer when paused. Connect it to anything you need buffered.

node-brake - throttle a stream with backpressure

  •    Javascript

Return a transform stream b that applies backpressure when more data than the rate allows is written.opts.period - How often to check the output length in milliseconds. Default value: 1000.

resumer - a through stream that starts paused and resumes on the next tick

  •    Javascript

Return a through stream that starts out paused and resumes on the next tick, unless somebody called .pause().This module has the same signature as through.

pass-stream - pass-stream - pass-through node.js stream which can filter/adapt and pause data

  •    Javascript

pass-stream is a pass-through stream which allows transform fns for easily filtering or adapting the data that flows through the stream. To add transform/filter functionality you may provide a writeFn and/or endFn which allows you to tap into the write and end processing.

teddybear - blocks the event loop in node.js without draining your cpu

  •    C++

Blocks your event loop, for a specified amount of time. Without killing your CPU. teddybear takes a number of milliseconds and the process will sleep for the given amount of time.

pauseable.js - Create event emitters, intervals, and timeouts that can be paused and resumed.

  •    Javascript

Pauseable allows you to pause event emitters, timeouts, and intervals. It can group multiple of these pauseable objects and pause entire groups. Javascript is event based by nature. When developing large scale applications that are completely event based, it becomes complicated to pause the streaming of events, because Javascript never "sleeps". It becomes even more complicated to pause timeouts and intervals, having to keep track of when they were paused so they can be resumed with the correct time again.

yart - Yet another resume tool

  •    CSS

See the author's resume as online demo. Although it is maintained as parallel of Yart. Put your content in the #source-md element of resume.html.

stream-observer - Listen for data events on a readable stream without triggering flowing mode

  •    Javascript

Listen for data events on a readable stream without triggering flowing mode. Normally a readable stream will start to emit data events (i.e. enter "flowing mode") right after you attach the first data event listener.

RxLifecycle - Rx binding of stock Android Activities & Fragment Lifecycle, avoiding memory leak

  •    Java

This library allows one to automatically finish sequences based on Android lifecycle state, This capability is useful in Android, where incomplete subscriptions can cause memory leaks.

gif-stop - Simply play and pause gifs

  •    CoffeeScript

This takes similar options as gifStop and setConfig. The main difference is that you can only pass one gif.

reboot - It's okay to take a break

  •    Javascript

Stuck on a bug since morning? Creative block? Relax. Take a break. Reboot allows you to take small breaks from your work and helps you re-energize by doing nothing for some time.

timer-machine - A simple, flexible timer for JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

A simple, flexible timer for JavaScript. Timer Machine can maintain references to named timers. When the static method get('name') is called, it constructs a new instance if the name did not already exist, and returns the instance of Timer. This makes it easy to share a timer across multiple modules.

egjs-jquery-pauseresume - Pauses and resumes animation executed by the jQuery animate() method.

  •    Javascript

The following are the supported browsers. Download dist files from repo directly or install it via npm.