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patterns & practices – Enterprise Library

The Microsoft Enterprise Library is a collection of reusable software components (application blocks) designed to assist software developers with common enterprise development challenges.

Property Designer for Visual Studio

Property Designer simplifies the management of complex .NET properties by providing a visual way to describe properties and their associated callbacks, events and other behaviors.

Parallel Programming with Microsoft .NET

Code samples for the patterns & practices book on design patterns for parallel programming, Parallel Programming with Microsoft .NET.


Design patterns testing and overview console application.


A client for FriendFeed written in WPF. The intention of the project is to demonstrate how to build a WPF application using Test-Driven Development. In the application, we use a number of patterns such as Model-View-Presenter, PresentationModel, Inversion of Control, and so on.

Parallel Programming with Microsoft Visual C++

Code samples for the patterns & practices book on design patterns for parallel programming, Parallel Programming with Microsoft Visual C++.

patterns & practices Web Client Developer Guidance

The Web Client Guidance from patterns & practices, assist developers and architects with the design, development and deployment of Rich Responsive Web applications using .NET.

Application Behavior Patterns Analyzer

Set of tools designed to monitor and analyze behavior patterns of different applications running on typical desktop or server computer. Possible uses of such information include prediction of system services' use by running process in order to improve scheduling or resource ma...

Presenter First DSL

The Presenter First DSL is a modeling tool for the Presenter First pattern.


CodePlex.DesignPatterns consists of a single Visual Studio 2008 solution designed to present each of the Gang-of-Four design patterns within concise C# code samples. Along with the concise C# code samples, there will also be a discussion on the use of the particular design patte

Windows Workflow Foundation Toys

Attempting to fill in the gaps in regards to Windows Workflow Foundation. This project will be expanding over time as we identify holes in the product that reusable code can fill.

InnerSourcePatterns - Proven approaches that can guide you through applying open source best practices within your organization

This repository serves as the collection-point, ideation hub, and process behind the InnerSource Commons' InnerSource Patterns--a set of proven and reviewed solutions to InnerSource problems. These patterns illustrate beneficial activities and behaviors found in organizations who apply InnerSource methodologies.Patterns are a way of describing a repeatable, proven solution to a problem with a context. They follow a simple form that helps people wanting to implement the solution to understand the constraints on the problem, the forces that must be balanced and the resulting context (the situation you are left with after the solution is applied). In inner sourcing, patterns can provide a way for the InnerSource Commons participants to concisely share information with each other, improving the practice of inner sourcing. Each of the patterns are divided into Title, Problem Statement, Context, Forces, and Solutions as their main sections.

art - Public branding assets for ZEIT's products

This repository contains all kinds of branding assets for our GitHub repositories.Contain designed states of what appears in the products. It can help when submitting a feature request to download the Sketch file and mockup the feature you'd like to see implemented.

multimatch - Extends minimatch.match() with support for multiple patterns

See the tests for more usage examples and expected matches.Same as minimatch.match() except for pattern also accepting an array.