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styleguide-generators - An overview of automatic living styleguide generators


Pattern Libraries (or Style Guides) are a helpful tool in developing websites. Read more about Creating Style Guides at this A List Apart article. Maintaining a static Pattern Library (in HTML/CSS) is hard work and errorprone. There are, however, various tools that help us generate a dynamic Pattern Library or 'Living Style Guide'.

generator-pattern-lab-starter - This is a Yeoman Generator for pattern-lab-starter: https://github

  •    HTML

This is a Yeoman generator for Particle, a modern design-system driven Drupal theme. Note that this template will generate files in the current directory, so be sure to change to a new directory first if you don't want to overwrite existing files.

p2-theme-core - Core configuration for our theme

  •    Javascript

Ideally, the changes to how a theme install works would be done by passing in a different config.js. All is easily configurable by changing values in your config.js file in your project. These values are merged into the config.default.js file - look there for the available options and defaults.

particle - A starting place for using the prototyping tool, Pattern Lab, in tandem with a Drupal theme

  •    CSS

Download this repo, rename folder to patternlab and place in themes directory if integrating with Drupal 8, and then cd into folder before running below commands. To name it something else, see docs/setup.md. That's it.

patternlab-node-angular-example - An example of Pattern Lab Node running Angular Components

  •    Javascript

Yes this example is a bit contrived and reductive, but it is aimed to demonstrate that the two technologies are not wholesale blanket do-you-speak-to-your-mother-with-that-mouth incompatible. For best instructions, I suggest you read through the gulp edition docs.

assemble-pattern-lab - An easier-to-use, cleaner and more extensible build system for pattern-lab.

  •    Javascript

An easier-to-use and more extensible build system for pattern-lab. This project uses Assemble to build projects with pattern lab conventions.

patternlab-fluid-edition - Pattern Lab Fluid Edition

  •    Javascript

This package is an edition of Pattern Lab for the TYPO3 Fluid template engine. Please note: The Pattern Lab Fluid edition exclusively uses Composer to manage project dependencies. No pre-built packages are available - the application can only be installed with Composer.

uiengine - Workbench for UI-driven development

  •    Javascript

Workbench for UI-driven development: A tool for developers and designers to build and document web sites and apps. To get an idea of what this looks like, see the deployed sample project and the sample project source code. There is also an introduction video.

patternlab-edition-node-webpack - The webpack wrapper around patternlab-node core, providing tasks to interact with the core library and move supporting frontend assets

  •    Javascript

The webpack wrapper around Pattern Lab Node Core providing tasks to interact with the core library and move supporting frontend assets. The Pattern Lab Node - webpack edition uses Node for core processing, npm to manage project dependencies, and webpack.io to run tasks and interface with the core library. Node version 4 or higher suffices. You can follow the directions for installing Node on the Node website if you haven't done so already. Installation of Node will include npm.

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