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ngraph.path - Path finding in a graph

  •    Javascript

Fast path finding for arbitrary graphs. Play with a demo or watch it on YouTube. If you want to learn how the demo was made, please refer to the demo's source code. I tried to describe it in great details.

A-Star - Protocol oriented A* pathfinding algorithm implementation in Swift 4.

  •    Swift

A* (A star) pathfinding algorithm implementation in Swift 4.0 (Playground included) using protocol oriented programming. Add pathfinding to your graph just by implementing the 3 requirements of the GraphNode protocol.

Sitecore.Pathfinder - Get started, get far, get happy!

  •    CSharp

An experimental CLI for Sitecore. Run npm install -g sitecore-pathfinder to install Sitecore Pathfinder.

the-general-problem-solver - The General Problem Solver, AI's 'first' algorithm, written in multiple programming languages

  •    C++

Herbert Simon, J.C Shaw and Allen Newell's General Problem Solver Program (GPS) is one of the earliest AI program in existence, succeeding the Logic Theorist Program which arguably was the first AI program. The repo contains implementations of the GPS in multiple programming languages.

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