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AnimatedSvgView - Animated SVG Drawing for Android

  •    Java

You can also set SVG glyphs and colors dynamically (see the demo).

yocto-gl - Yocto/GL: Tiny C++ Libraries for Data-Driven Physically-based Graphics

  •    C++

Yocto/GL is a collection of small C++17 libraries for building physically-based graphics algorithms released under the MIT license. Yocto/GL is written in a deliberatly data-oriented style for ease of development and use. Yocto/GL is split into two small libraries to make code navigation easier. See each header file for documentation. Here are some test images rendered with the path tracer. More images are included in the project site.

go-trace - Implementing a path tracer in Go

  •    Go

Implementing a Path Tracer so that I can teach myself the Go language. Following the E-book by Peter Shirley 'Ray Tracing in One Weekend', but in Go instead of C++.

sandbox - :art: sandbox of experimental & reusable code in C++11 & modern openGL

  •    C++

A collection of C++11/14 classes and opengl utilities united under the arbitrarily namespace "avl" (short for Anvil). lib-incubator incorporates a considerable amount of permissively-licensed and public-domain code adapted for linalg.h types or readability/usability/extensibility (like various lock-free queues and graphics samples). See COPYING for full attribution of code found in this repository.

c-ray - C-Ray is a small, simple path tracer written in C

  •    C

C-ray is a simple path tracer built for studying computer graphics. It's also a great platform for developing your own raytracing algorithms. Just write your own rayTrace() function! Multithreading, 3D model loading and render previews are handled by C-ray, so you can concentrate on the core principles.

RGK - Photorealistic physically-based renderer

  •    C++

A photorealistic physically-based renderer. More examples are showcased here.