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Cierge - 🗝️ Passwordless OIDC authentication done right

  •    CSharp

Cierge is an OpenID Connect server that handles user signup, login, profiles, management, social logins, and more. Instead of storing passwords, Cirege uses magic links/codes and external logins to authenticate your users. Passwords are insecure by default. Cierge does away by the illusion of security passwords give ("forgot password" usually relies upon email-based auth at the end of the day).

accownt - 🐮 Dead simple user account system so easy a cow could do it.

  •    TypeScript

Dead simple user account system so easy a caveman cow could do it. The goal of Accownt is to be a full-featured, standalone account system that's straightforward for developers and users, easy to maintain, and as customizable as possible without introducing too much complexity.

tolkien - Passwords are obsolete - Send one time tokens for authentication instead.

  •    Javascript

Passwords are obsolete. If you haven't read this blog post yet, it should be the first thing you do today. It's the concept which made this module a reality. `tolkien implements one time token authorization which renders passwords obsolete. Instead of signing in to a service using a username and password you sign in using a token that get's send to you using (email, sms, whatever) and once click the link/use the token you're authenticated. That's it.

passwordless-rethinkdbstore - RethinkDB TokenStore for Passwordless

  •    Javascript

This module provides token storage for Passwordless, a node.js module for express that allows website authentication without password using verification through email or other means. Visit the project's website for more details. Tokens are stored in a RethinkDB database and are hashed and salted using bcrypt by default. It is also possible to provide a different hashing library (see Initialization for an example).


  •    Go

Install Go and CockroachDB. Go to mailtrap.io and create an account. Save your SMTP server credentials into the .env file.

webauthn - Go package for easy WebAuthn integration

  •    Go

This project provides a low-level and a high-level API to use the Web Authentication API (WebAuthn). The high-level API can be used with the net/http package and simplifies the low-level API. It is located in the webauthn subpackage. It is intended for use with e.g. fetch or XMLHttpRequest JavaScript clients.

privx-on-aws - PrivX - Just-in-time Access Management

  •    TypeScript

Available as Infrastructure as a Code on AWS for fast deployment. PrivX is a lean and modern privileged access management solution to automate your AWS, Azure and GCP infrastructure access management in one multi-cloud solution. While it offers super great cloud experience, you can also easily connect your on-prem infrastructure to it for a single pane of glass access control and monitoring. This project further simplifies PrivX on-boarding experience with deployment automation using infrastructure as a code tooling.

2fanginx - 2FA NGINX + Lua auth portal

  •    Go

2FANGINX is an auth module for 2FA (2 factors authentication) on NGINX (using "standard" Lua module from NGINX). It allows you to protect using 2FA a whole subdomain, without interfering with other security mesures below the domain hierarchy.

webauthn.me - webauthn.me, learn more about the Web Authentication API or try the debugger.

  •    Javascript

Web Authentication is a new standard enabling the creation and use of strong, attested, scoped, public key-based credentials by web applications, for the purpose of strongly authenticating users using hardware authenticators. WebAuthn.me contains a visual walkthrough of each step of the process of registering new credentials and authenticating using these credentials. There's also a debugger to play around with different configurations and an introduction page with some more information.