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PassGAN - A Deep Learning Approach for Password Guessing (https://arxiv.org/abs/1709.00440)

  •    Python

This repository contains code for the PassGAN: A Deep Learning Approach for Password Guessing paper. Use the pretrained model to generate 1,000,000 passwords, saving them to gen_passwords.txt.

vue-password-strength-meter - 🔐 Password strength meter based on zxcvbn in vue.js

  •    Javascript

You can customize the styling of the input field, badge and strength-meter by passing your own css classes to defaultClass, strengthMeterClass etc. For detailed explanation on how things work, checkout the guide and docs for vue-loader.

password-score - Password scoring library written in Javascript.

  •    Javascript

Password Score is a javascript library for estimating password security in the means of entropy. Beneath using dictionaries, the library searches for common passwords or names and scans for patterns like dates in any format, sequences, repetitions or keyboard patterns. Based on the found patterns, the entropy may be used to estimate the average time needed to crack the password.Estimating the time to crack is still to be implemented. In addition there is still some work to do concerning documentation and the demonstration site.

pwdcalc - Take no risk and help your users to choose good passwords!

  •    Ruby

Improve the user experience and security of your web application within just a few seconds by installing the pwdcalc gem. It extends your password fields with a strength bar and hint, enforcing a minimum complexity for security reasons. NOTE: It's required to wrap the control in pwdcalc-form-group.

pass-meter - Simple password strength testing.

  •    Javascript

Simple password strength testing. When used as either a jQuery plugin or Module, Pass-Meter only expects a single argument. If the argument is a function, it is treated as the afterTest callback option. If you need to specify additional options, you will need to provide a standard options object.

PasswordStrengthBundle - Symfony Password strengt and blacklisting validator bundle

  •    PHP

This Symfony-bundle integrates the Rollerworks PasswordStrengthValidator into your Symfony application. The PasswordStrengthValidator provides various password strength validators for the Symfony Validator.

PasswordStrengthValidator - Password-strength validator for Symfony

  •    PHP

This package provides various password strength validators for the Symfony Validator component. To use this bundle with a Symfony application use the RollerworksPasswordStrengthBundle.

jquery.pwstrength - A jQuery plugin to indicate the strength of passwords

  •    Javascript

PWStrength is a jQuery plugin to indicate the strength of passwords.

StrongPass - Password Strength Checker for mootools

  •    Javascript

A basic plugin that can do scoring of password strength as a user types within an input field. See it live in action on this jsfiddle here or this one.


  •    Javascript

We have developed a jQuery plugin which can help you adding a password strength feature to your own accounts forms.

zxcvbn-rs - Port of Dropbox's zxcvbn password strength library for Rust

  •    Rust

zxcvbn is a password strength estimator inspired by password crackers. Through pattern matching and conservative estimation, it recognizes and weighs 30k common passwords, common names and surnames according to US census data, popular English words from Wikipedia and US television and movies, and other common patterns like dates, repeats (aaa), sequences (abcd), keyboard patterns (qwertyuiop), and l33t speak. Consider using zxcvbn as an algorithmic alternative to password composition policy — it is more secure, flexible, and usable when sites require a minimal complexity score in place of annoying rules like "passwords must contain three of {lower, upper, numbers, symbols}".

netpwn - Tool made to automate tasks of pentesting.

  •    Python

Modules reverse_shell - Creates a reverse shell with python to connect to a specific machine of your choice. send_file - Allows you to send a file to target server. php_backdoor - Generates a simple backdoor in php upload to web server ?cmd= to execute commands. hash_check - Paste a hash to see what type of hash it is. base64_converter - Paste base64 to decode or ascii to encode it knows which you want. address_info - Gives you your ipv4, ipv6, and public Ip address based upon a interface. hex_converter - Paste some ascii to encode or hex to decode it knows which you want. page_contents - Get the raw HTML of a given web page. password_checker - Check the strength of a given password. fake_identity - Creates a fake name with SSN, address, credit card number, etc. web_spider - Crawls a given URL for links. ssl_cert - Gets the cert information of a given web site and its public key. bash - Execute bash commands without exiting out of netpwn. whois - Performs whois on a given URL. crypto - Encrypts or decrypts a file with AES. no_endian - Removes endianness on DWORDS. rot13_converter - Encodes/decodes rot13. url_converter - Url encoded and decodes string. html_converter - Html enconded and decodes string. Resources cheat_sheet - Pentest monkey reverse shell cheat sheet opcodes - Prints out all x86 OpCodes. useful_links - Links to blogs, youtube channels, and other resources that offer good information about various topics that gives you the opportunity to learn more about the infosec field.

aaf-easypassword - :lock: Easy Password is password management application

  •    Kotlin

Easy Password is password management application. This application uses pattern locks to manage information that requires security.

Perfect-JWTAuth - Single Sign-On Authentication Module

  •    Swift


vue-password - A Vue

  •    Vue

A Vue.js password input component that includes a toggle to show the password and a strength meter using the Dropbox zxcvbn library. Install the package using npm.

ATGValidator - iOS validation framework with form validation support

  •    Swift

ATGValidator is a validation framework written to address most common issues faced while verifying user input data. You can use it to validate different data types directly, or validate ui components like UITextfield or UITextView, or even add validation support to your custom UI elements. You don't need to subclass native components to get the validation support. UITextField and UITextView has the support out of the box, adding support for any other elements is as simple as adding an extension with protocol conformance to ValidatableInterface.

haveibeenpwned-zxcvbn-lambda-api - Deploy your own secure API to estimate password strength and check haveibeenpwned for known matches - HTTPS by force, server not required, fire and brimstone sold separately 🔥

  •    Javascript

Deploy a private, secure and serverless RESTful endpoint for sanely scoring users' new passwords using Dropbox's zxcvbn library while (k-)anonymously querying Troy Hunt's haveibeenpwned collection of +5.1 billion* breached accounts. Create an AWS profile with IAM full access, Lambda full access and API Gateway Administrator privileges.

pw-pwnage-cfworker - Deploy a Cloudflare Worker to sanely score users' new passwords with zxcvbn AND check for matches against haveibeenpwned's 7

  •    Javascript

Deploy a private, secure and serverless RESTful endpoint for sanely scoring users' new passwords using Dropbox's zxcvbn library while (k-)anonymously querying Troy Hunt's haveibeenpwned collection of +5.1 billion breached accounts. People seemed to think this concept was neat, and a tiny RESTful API like this is a perfect use case for Cloudflare Workers.