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gokey - A simple vaultless password manager in Go

  •    Go

gokey is a password manager, which does not require a password vault. Instead of storing your passwords in a vault it derives your password on the fly from your master password and supplied realm string (for example, resource URL). This way you do not have to manage, backup or sync your password vault (or trust its management to a third party) as your passwords are available immediately anywhere. The gokey binary should appear in your $GOPATH/bin directory.

pass-otp - A pass extension for managing one-time-password (OTP) tokens

  •    Shell

A pass extension for managing one-time-password (OTP) tokens.

sesto - Open source passwords (and secrets) manager for web

  •    HTML

Sesto (abbreviation for Secret Store) is open source passwords (and general secrets) manager for web. Sesto works on a Python server, when first accessed, serves users Google PNaCl module, which performs cryptographic protection and data management in user browser. This way, it enables strong cryptographic protection of secrets and passwords in your web browser (Google Chrome), so you can gain access to your passwords anywhere, safely.

fastpass - A password manager that gets you logged in quickly

  •    Go

FastPass or fp is a command line password manager focused on getting you logged in quickly. It uses fuzzy searching and learns which passwords you retrieve most frequently.

rooster - The simple password manager for geeks, built with Rust.

  •    Rust

To top it off, it works Linux, BSD and OSX. On Arch Linux, install Rooster from AUR.

nitrokey-app - Nitrokey's Application (Win, Linux, Mac)

  •    C++

Nitrokey App is a cross-platform (runs under Windows, Linux and Mac OS) application created to manage Nitrokey devices. Lately developed under Ubuntu 17.10/18.04 with Qt5.9. Underneath it uses libnitrokey to communicate with the supported devices. Both Nitrokey App and libnitrokey are available under GPLv3 license. For Nitrokey HSM please see Nitrokey Encryption Tool. Nitrokey Start has its own tools in its firmware repository.

projectpad - ProjectPad allows to manage secret credentials and server information that you need to handle as a software developer

  •    QML

ProjectPad allows to manage secret credentials and server information that you need to handle as a software developer. List of servers, list of point of interests on those servers (applications, log files, databases, servers). It will securely store paswords and keys. It will also run commands (locally or on SSH servers), open terminals on remote SSH servers and open windows remote desktop sessions in one click. The data is securely stored on-disk using SQLcipher, which uses 256-bit AES. You must enter a password to encrypt and unlock the database everytime ProjectPad starts. However no particular care is taken to protect the passwords in-memory: if someone can dump the memory of ProjectPad, they will be able to extract passwords from it. Your database password is never stored to disk. When you open SSH shells, the password to the remote server is briefly stored to disk in a file with 700 permissions, which will echo the password when executed (the 700 permissions means it's readable and executable by your user only). When you run SSH commands in a local terminal (tail, less, vim), a file with 700 permissions is briefly stored to disk (in 1.0 that file is never deleted, just overwritten everytime), which contains the remote username, remote host and the command to run. When you open a Windows remote desktop session, the password is piped in cleartext to the rdesktop process.