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passwd-user - Get the passwd user entry from a username or uid

  •    Javascript

Works on macOS and Linux. See user-info if you need cross-platform support.Accepts a username or uid number. Defaults to the current user (process.getuid()).

pass - Node.js Apache htpasswd password generator/validator

  •    Javascript

Simple module for Node.JS to generate/validate passwords from Apache htpasswd files.The module supports Apache Basic Auth password formats - crypt(3), apr1/md5, sha1, plain.

g20 - Fast and Easy 20 Character CLI Password Generator

  •    Javascript

g20 (Generate a 20 Character Password) is the fastest and easiest cross-platform CLI password generator on the planet. For years I have been using something similar to it but it only works on OS X. Feel free to submit an issue if you're stuck. No.

puppet-accounts - Simple hierachical management of Linux user accounts, groups and SSH keys

  •    Ruby

This is puppet module for managing user accounts, groups and setting ssh keys. For more examples see configuration used for tests.

etcdpasswd - Distributed Linux user management using etcd

  •    Go

Prepare an etcd cluster. Create /etc/etcdpasswd/config.yml.

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