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nodejs-api-starter - Boilerplate and tooling for authoring data API backends with Node

  •    Javascript

This project was bootstraped with Node.js API Starter Kit (support).The API server must become available at http://localhost:8080/graphql (live demo).

nextjs-starter - A starter project for Next.js with authentication

  •    Javascript

This is a starter project for React that uses Next.js. Next.js is a framework that makes it easy to create Universal web apps in React. With Next.js, React pages are automatically rendered on both client and server side, without the hassle of setting up dependancies like webpack or babel and with automatic routing.

travelogue - PassportJS integration for Hapi

  •    Javascript

This module is no longer being maintained. There will be no future releases. Please migrate to either hapi-auth-cookie or bell.

node-openid-client - A Relying Party(RP) implementation for node

  •    Javascript

openid-client is a server side OpenID Relying Party (RP, Client) implementation for Node.js, supports passport. The following client/RP features from OpenID Connect/OAuth2.0 specifications are implemented by openid-client.

koa2-api-boilerplate - Boilerplate for building APIs with koa2.

  •    Javascript

Boilerplate for building APIs with koa2 and mongodb. This project covers basic necessities of most APIs.

hackathon-starter-plus - A boilerplate for Node.js web applications

  •    CSS

This is a project which builds off the foundations of a node.js boilerplate called Hackathon Starter. Hackathon Starter focuses on providing a simple and easy to use node.js boilerplate for you to hit the ground running. However, if you want to take your app to production, there are a few changes you will want to make to the boilerplate to take it beyond a hackathon project. Also, since Hackathon Starter is intended for everyone (including beginners), there are certain things that will never be included out of the box, such as Socket.io (websockets) support.

express-mvc - A light-weight full-featured mvc pattern for express framework with minimum dependencies

  •    Javascript

Express MVC generator command will be installed globally so from anywhere you can call it to generate the project skeleton. Server will be created at port 3000 by default. you can change the port later from app configurations.

passport.socketcluster - SocketCluster Passport.js authentication middleware.

  •    Javascript

A SocketCluster middleware for authenticating socket connections with Passport.js.

next-auth - An authentication library for Next.js projects

  •    Javascript

NextAuth is an authentication library for Next.js projects. The NextAuth library uses Express and Passport, the most commonly used authentication library for Node.js, to provide support for signing in with email and with services like Facebook, Google and Twitter.

mini-express-boilerplate - A minimal Express boilerplate with passport user authentication, mongoose and some security setup configured

  •    Javascript

Looking for a Clementine.js-like, a boilerplate that contains the minimum so I get started on my projects. This boilerplate is built upon the excellent Express Generator.