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vizceral - WebGL visualization for displaying animated traffic graphs

  •    Javascript

Intuitive animated traffic graph visualization using webgl. If a graph of nodes and edges with data about traffic volume is provided, it will render a traffic graph animating the connection volume between nodes.

phaser-examples - Contains hundreds of source code examples and related media for the Phaser HTML5 Game Framework

  •    Javascript

Looking for Phaser 3 Examples? They are in their own repo. Phaser v2 is a fast, free and fun open source HTML5 game framework. It uses Pixi.js for WebGL and Canvas rendering across desktop and mobile web browsers. Games can be compiled to iOS and Android apps via 3rd party tools.

ParticleEffectsButtons - A little library that can be used for bursting particles effects on buttons and other elements

  •    Javascript

Bursting particles effects for buttons. By Luis Manuel. The Particles library depends on anime.js to perform animations, so you need to include it before Particles.

particles.js - A lightweight JavaScript library for creating particles

  •    Javascript

A lightweight JavaScript library for creating particles

Konfetti - Celebrate more with this lightweight confetti particle system 🎊

  •    Kotlin

Celebrate more with this lightweight confetti particle system 🎊 Create realistic confetti by implementing this easy to use library.

react-particle-effect-button - Bursting particle effect buttons for React 🎉

  •    Javascript

Bursting particle effect buttons for React. This library is a React port of an awesome Codrops Article by Luis Manuel (original source).

phenomenon - ⚡️ A fast 2kB low-level WebGL API.

  •    Javascript

Phenomenon is a very small, low-level WebGL library that provides the essentials to deliver a high performance experience. Its core functionality is built around the idea of moving millions of particles around using the power of the GPU. Returns an instance of Phenomenon.

Proton - A particle engine for javascript

  •    Javascript

Proton is a lightweight and powerful javascript particle engine. With it you can easily create countless cool effects. Proton has now been upgraded to the v3 version. Performance has been greatly improved and api also has some improvements. For more details, please check here.

canvas-nest.js - :cancer: Interactive Particle / Nest System With JavaScript and Canvas, no jQuery.

  •    Javascript

A nest backgroud of website draw on canvas. 中文 Readme 帮助文档. Insert the code below between <body> and </body>.

fieldplay - A vector field explorer

  •    Javascript

Vector fields explorer. Made with WebGL, love and passion. more examples...

particle - A simple portfolio Jekyll theme:

  •    CSS

This is a simple and minimalist template for Jekyll designed for developers that want to show of their portfolio. You have to fill some informations on _config.yml to customize your site.

awesome-canvas - A curated list of awesome HTML5 Canvas with examples, related articles and posts.


A curated list of awesome Canvas examples, related articles and posts. Inspired by awesome-python. Please take a quick gander at the contribution guidelines first.

oak - A game engine in Go

  •    Go

go get -u github.com/oakmound/oak/...See the examples folder for longer demos.

ShaderParticleEngine - A GLSL-heavy particle engine for THREE

  •    Javascript

The purpose of this library is to make creating particle effects using THREE.js and WebGL as simple as possible. The heavy-lifting is done by the GPU, freeing up CPU cycles. Emitters are created by first creating an instance of SPE.Group. It is in the group where ShaderMaterial settings are applied, and the texture for all emitters added to that group is set. Multiple groups can be created, but if efficiency is a high-priority then as few groups as possible should be created. The group takes care of uploading emitter data to the GPU for simulation and rendering, so the fewer chunks of data that get sent the better.

pixi-particles - A particle system for PixiJS

  •    TypeScript

A particle system library for the PixiJS library. Also, we created an interactive particle editor to design and preview custom particle emitters which utilitze PixiParticles. Please see the examples for various pre-made particle configurations.

DipEngine - graphic engine written on Xen for XNA


DIPEngine makes it easier for developers to use it in your game. It's developed in C# and using Xen for XNA

Flint Particle System for Silverlight

  •    Silverlight

Flint Particle System (Particle Engine) for Silverlight,based on original Flint Particles. XNA framework is not required.

Mercury Particle Engine


Mercury Particle Engine is a multi-platform API which allows developers to add rich visual effects to their games. Implemented in C# and targeting the Microsoft XNA Framework, it is fully compatible with Windows, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360.

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