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ast-types - Esprima-compatible implementation of the Mozilla JS Parser API

  •    Javascript

This module provides an efficient, modular, Esprima-compatible implementation of the abstract syntax tree type hierarchy pioneered by the Mozilla Parser API. Because it understands the AST type system so thoroughly, this library is able to provide excellent node iteration and traversal mechanisms.

participle - A parser library for Go

  •    Go

The goal of this package is to provide a simple, idiomatic and elegant way of defining parsers in Go.Participle's method of defining grammars should be familiar to any Go programmer who has used the encoding/json package: struct field tags define what and how input is mapped to those same fields. This is not unusual for Go encoders, but is unusual for a parser.

subset2 - Subset 2.x: MongoDB Document parser combinators and builders

  •    Scala

MongoDB Java driver commonly accepts DBObject values as arguments to various query methods. Thus we need a simple way to create DBObject documents assuming we have different field types.

myna-parser - Myna Parsing Library

  •    Javascript

Myna is an efficient and easy to use parsing library for JavaScript written using TypeScript 2.0 which targets ECMAScript 5.1. Unlike several popular parsing libraries (e.g. Jison, PEG.js, nearley, and ANTLR) Myna is an API, not a code generation tool, which makes it easier for programmers to write, debug, and maintain their parsing algorithms. This makes Myna closest to Parsimmon and Chevrotain. Myna has no dependencies, you can just download myna.js and start using it immediately.

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