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htoml - TOML file format parser in Haskell

  •    HTML

A TOML parser library in Haskell. TOML is the obvious, minimal configuration language by Tom Preston-Werner. It is an alternative to the XML, YAML and INI formats mainly for the purpose of configuration files. Many will find that XML and YAML are too heavy for the purpose of configuration files prupose while INI is underspecified. TOML is to configuration files, like what Markdown is for rich-text.

parsec.el - A parser combinator library for Emacs Lisp, similar to Haskell's Parsec library.

  •    Emacs

A parser combinator library for Emacs Lisp similar to Haskell’s Parsec library. So I decided to make a new library on top of it. This library, however, contains most of the parser combinators in Text.Parsec.Combinator, which should be enough in most use cases. Of course more combinators can be added if necessary! Most of the parser combinators have the same behavior as their Haskell counterparts. parsec.el also comes with a simple error handling mechanism so that it can display an error message showing how the parser fails.

cloudRIG - Stream your applications with Parsec and AWS on the cheap.

  •    Javascript

Powered by Parsec. cloudRIG is the cheapest way to use AWS + Parsec for game and other application streaming. When configured, it will set up the requisite AWS infrastructure for you to boot spot instances preloaded with Parsec.

parsec.vim - A Vim color scheme for people tired of solarized

  •    VimL

This is a vim version of the parsec colorscheme. This is built using color-builder. If you're not interested in clicking either of those links that means it is based on the solarized vim template using different colors. This repo is separate for slim inclusion as explained below.

parsihax - A monadic LL(infinity) parser combinator library for Haxe :wine_glass:

  •    Haxe

Parsihax is a small library for writing big parsers made up of lots of little parsers. The API is inspired by parsec and Parsimmon (originally, Parsihax was just supposed to be Parsimmon rewrite in Haxe). Install the library via haxelib (library manager that comes with any Haxe distribution).

node-orgmode - The orgmode implementation for Node

  •    Javascript

To see the complete API documentation, see API Documentation.

masala-parser - Javascript Parser Combinator

  •    Javascript

Masala Parser is inspired by the paper titled: Direct Style Monadic Parser Combinators For The Real World. Masala Parser is a Javascript implementation of the Haskell Parsec. It is plain Javascript that works in the browser, is tested with more than 450 unit tests, covering 100% of code lines.

goparsec - Parser combinator in Go

  •    Go

Combinators take a variable number of parser functions and return a new parser function. The scanner library supplies method like Match(pattern), SkipAny(pattern) and Endof(), refer to for more information on each of these methods.

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