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parse-dashboard - A dashboard for managing your Parse apps that aren't hosted on Parse.com

  •    Javascript

Parse Dashboard is a standalone dashboard for managing your Parse apps. You can use it to manage your Parse Server apps and your apps that are running on Parse.com. Node.js version >= 4.3 is required to run the dashboard. You also need to be using Parse Server version 2.1.4 or higher.

parse-php-sdk - The Parse PHP SDK.

  •    PHP

Please note that this documentation contains the latest changes that may as of yet be unreleased. To see the README for your release please use the list below. There are various ways to install and use this sdk. We'll elaborate on a couple here. Note that the Parse PHP SDK requires PHP 5.4 or newer. It can also run on HHVM (recommended 3.0 or newer).

ParsePy - A Python wrapper for the Parse

  •    Python

Note: As of May 13, 2016, this repository (milesrichardson/ParsePy) is the most up-to-date and active python client for the Parse API. It supports self-hosted parse-server via the REST API. Note that some features will not work with parse-server, if they are not supported by the REST API (e.g. push). See the section below, "using with self-hosted parse-server," for instructions.

revel - [W

  •    Javascript

Revel is an elegant forum or knowledge sharing system base on NodeJS especially VueJS.

podlive-macos - Never miss a live streaming podcast!

  •    Objective-C

Podlive is a client for iOS, macOS and tvOS to listen to live streaming podcasts. We currently support all livestreams broadcasting via Ultraschall with Studio Link On Air. Our backend is a Parse-Server which is used to collect and control podcast meta data, manage push notifications and all marked favorites for each registered user.

parse_server_dart - Parse Server SDK for dart and flutter

  •    Dart

A Parse Server library for Dart developers. Created from templates made available by Stagehand under a BSD-style license.


  •    Javascript

Web crawler for sodureader

blog - Parse Community Blog

  •    CSS

To run the site locally, you'll need Jekyll and the GitHub Pages gem. The GH Pages gem is required to provide your local site with a similar environment to prod. For example, the site.github param is automatically provided by GitHub in prod. Open in your web browser.

parse-server-gcs-adapter - parse-server adapter for Google Cloud Storage

  •    Javascript


parse-server-push-adapter - Official Push adapter for parse-server

  •    Javascript

If you have migrated from parse.com and you are seeing situations where silent (newsstand-like presentless) notifications are failing to deliver please ensure that your payload is setting the content-available attribute to Int(1) and not "1" This value will be explicitly checked.

parse-server-s3-adapter - AWS S3 adapter for parse-server

  •    Javascript

the ability to explicitly pass credentials to this adapter is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. You may already be compatible with this change. If you have not explicitly set an accessKey and secretKey and you have configured the environment variables AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY, then you're all set and this will continue to work as is.

parse-server-simple-mailgun-adapter - Used to send Parse Server password reset and email verification emails though Mailgun

  •    Javascript

As of April 5, 2017, Parse, LLC has transferred this code to the parse-community organization, and will no longer be contributing to or distributing this code.

parse-server-azure - Adapters, tools, and documentation to use Parse-Server with Microsoft Azure

  •    Javascript

Adapters, tools, and documentation to use Parse-Server with Microsoft Azure, brought to you by your friends at Microsoft. By default, Parse-Server uses the GridStoreAdapter to store files, meaning that files will be stored in the connected database. For better performance, you can store files in Azure Blob Storage, using this module's FilesAdapter.

parse-server-mysql-adapter - MySQL Adapter for Parse Server

  •    Javascript

This only runs on Parse-Server 2.5.0 This only runs on MySQL >= 5.7. Create one Database using the MySQL CLI or Query Expression Editor on your MySQL instance.