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query-string - Parse and stringify URL query strings

  •    Javascript

🔥 Want to strengthen your core JavaScript skills and master ES6? I would personally recommend this awesome ES6 course by Wes Bos. You might also like his React course.Parse a query string into an object. Leading ? or # are ignored, so you can pass location.search or location.hash directly.

parameter - A parameter verify tools.

  •    Javascript

A parameter verify tools. Note: when options.convert enabled, all built-in rules check for primitive input param and convert it to rule's default convertType(which defined below), you can also enable this feature for specific rule by convertType options in each rule definition.

Arjun - Arjun is a python script for finding hidden GET & POST parameters.

  •    Python

Arjun is a python script for finding hidden GET & POST parameters using regex and bruteforce. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

CRM 2011 Plugin Parameter Helper Generator


Strongly-typed access to plugin input and output parameters for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

grunt-include-replace - Grunt task to include files and replace variables

  •    Javascript

Grunt task to include files and replace variables.The task allows you to preprocess your project file contents by replacing placeholder "variables" and including content from other files. In addition to "global" variables that are replaced in all files you specify, the task introduces the concept of "local" variables, which are passed as parameters to included files.

surely - Type checking JavaScript at runtime

  •    Javascript

Surely you can't be serious. I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.

parambulator - A simple way to generate nice error messages for named parameters

  •    Javascript

A simple way to generate nice error messages for named parameters. This module is used by the Seneca framework for input validation.

gulp-param - Add params to your tasks

  •    Javascript

It automatically injects commandline arguments into a gulp's task definition arguments. It accepts parameters after '--'. Parameters without any value will be treated as boolean flag.

BluePyOpt - Blue Brain Python Optimisation Library

  •    Python

The Blue Brain Python Optimisation Library (BluePyOpt) is an extensible framework for data-driven model parameter optimisation that wraps and standardises several existing open-source tools. It simplifies the task of creating and sharing these optimisations, and the associated techniques and knowledge. This is achieved by abstracting the optimisation and evaluation tasks into various reusable and flexible discrete elements according to established best-practices.

angular-xxl - Library with angular decorators and ....

  •    TypeScript

This library contains a couple of decorators which provide functionality useful for angular components. These decorators let you access the router's data, params and queryParams easily with just one line of code.


  •    TypeScript

This library provides four decorators: @RouteData, @RouteParams, @RouteQueryParams and @RouteTunnel. The first three extract the resolved data, route parameters and query parameters values respectively using the ActivatedRoute. All decorators require that the ActivatedRoute is injected in the component's constructor as route and that the component has the ngOnInit function defined.

koa-strong-params - Rails-style implementation of strong parameters for Koa

  •    Javascript

Rails-style implementation of strong parameters for Koa. The middleware adds the this.params object to the Koa context which returns an object, built from query string and request body data. The returned object has some useful methods allows for data requiring and filtering. You should consider using koa-qs and koa-bodyparser packages together with koa-strong-params.

express-joi-validation - validate express application inputs and parameters using joi

  •    Javascript

You need to install joi along with this module for it to work since it relies on it as a peer dependency. Currently this module has only been tested with joi version 10.0 and higher. An example application can be found in the example/ folder of this repository.

jquery-plugin-query-object - Query String Modification and Creation for jQuery

  •    Javascript

This extension creates a singleton query string object for quick and readable query string modification and creation. This plugin provides a simple way of taking a page's query string and creating a modified version of this with little code. Chainability Like much of jQuery, this object supports chaining set methods to add new key value pairs to the object. In addition, this chain does not modify the original object, but returns a copy which can be modified without changing the original object. You can use the method the 'loud' alternate methods to perform destructive modifications on the original object.

parameter - parameter validate middleware for koa, powered by parameter

  •    Javascript

parameter validate middleware for koa, powered by parameter. Checkout parameter to get all the rules.

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