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papers-we-love - Papers from the computer science community to read and discuss.


Papers We Love (PWL) is a community built around reading, discussing and learning more about academic computer science papers. This repository serves as a directory of some of the best papers the community can find, bringing together documents scattered across the web. You can also visit the Papers We Love site for more info. Due to licenses we cannot always host the papers themselves (when we do, you will see a 📜 emoji next to its title in the directory README) but we can provide links to their locations.

3D-Machine-Learning - A resource repository for 3D machine learning


In recent years, tremendous amount of progress is being made in the field of 3D Machine Learning, which is an interdisciplinary field that fuses computer vision, computer graphics and machine learning. This repo is derived from my study notes and will be used as a place for triaging new research papers. To contribute to this Repo, you may add content through pull requests or open an issue to let me know.

Deep-Learning-for-Tracking-and-Detection - Collection of papers, datasets, code and other resources for object tracking and detection using deep learning


I use DavidRM Journal for managing my research data for its excellent hierarchical organization, cross-linking and tagging capabilities. I make available a Journal entry export file that contains tagged and categorized collection of papers, articles and notes about computer vision and deep learning that I have collected over the last few years.

awesome-database-learning - A list of learning materials to understand databases internals


Please submit a pull request if there is any material that you think should be included in this collection.

CatPapers - Cool vision, learning, and graphics papers on Cats!

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As reported by Cisco, 90% of net traffic will be visual, and indeed, most of the visual data are cat photos and videos. Thus, understanding, modeling and synthesizing our feline friends becomes a more and more important research problem these days, especially for our cat lovers. Cat Paper Collection is an academic paper collection that includes computer graphics, computer vision, machine learning and human-computer interaction papers that produce experimental results related to cats. If you want to add/remove a paper, please send an email to Jun-Yan Zhu (junyanz at berkeley dot edu).

awesome-RecSys-papers - The awesome and classic papers in recommendation system!!! Good luck to every RecSys-learner!


The topic of my dissertation is recommendation system. I collected some classic and awesome papers here. Good luck to every RecSys-learner. My email is ZhangYuyang4d@163.com. If you find any mistakes, or you have some suggestions, just send a email to me.

love-a-paper - Twitter bot that tweets randomly selected papers from Papers We Love.

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Icon from the Hawcons set by Yannick Lung. A twitter bot that tweets randomly selected papers from the Papers We Love repository. You can follow me @loveapaper.

library - 📚 Papers/books/essays I like


A collection of essays and papers I find to be interesting. Many are classics. Some are recent and about topics I'm interested in.

ptolemy - My reading list


My reading list. Mostly papers and books, in no particular order. I am forgetful, so I need this. This reading history starts on the brink of 2017, so any interesting things I have encountered before that point in my life will not be included. Read my retrospective on reading in 2017. Some of the papers and books do not have links included, because they might be protected by paywalls or other DRM, because it seems we have to pay for progress. You might find these papers online anyway, SciHub is a great resource; it might be illegal in your country to use this site, though.

Papers - Paper Collection


Paper Collection

academic-phrases - Bypass that mental block when writing your papers.

  •    Emacs

When writing your academic paper, you might get stuck trying to find the right phrase that captures your intention. This package tries to alleviate that problem by presenting you with a list of phrases organized by the topic or by the paper section that you are writing. This package has around 600 phrases so far. Using this package is easy, just call M-x academic-phrases to get a list of phrases organized by topic, or call academic-phrases-by-section to browse the phrases by the paper section and fill-in the blanks if required.

Reinforcement-Learning - 🤖 Implements of Reinforcement Learning algorithms.

  •    Python

This repo is implements of Reinforcement Learning Algorithms, implementing as learning, some of them are even another version of some tutorial. Any contributions are welcomed. Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient (DDPG) Implement of DDPG.

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