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panicparse - Crash your app in style (Golang)

  •    Go

Parses panic stack traces, densifies and deduplicates goroutines with similar stack traces. Helps debugging crashes and deadlocks in heavily parallelized process.pp streams its stdin to stdout as long as it doesn't detect any panic. panic() and Go's native deadlock detector print to stderr via the native print() function.

exception - Better error's for people who run node in production

  •    Javascript

git: When it detects that your application runs from git repository it will automatically include the sha1, branch and even it's configuration in the output. process: Useful information like load average, uptime, free memory, heap size, process id and even the build information of your node process are included.

honeybadger-go - Send Go (golang) panics and errors to Honeybadger.

  •    Go

Go (golang) support for the ⚡️ Honeybadger error notifier. Receive instant notification of panics and errors in your Go applications. You can also configure Honeybadger via environment variables. See Configuration for more information.

Coda-2-Themes - A collection of commonly loved themes ported for the new Coda 2 from Panic


Simply ported over the most commonly loved syntax highlighting themes, givin' you Coda 2 users more flavors. Justin Hileman has a nice collection of ported themes: Justin's Coda 2 themes.

bugsnag-go - Automatic panic monitoring for Go and Go web frameworks, like negroni, gin, and revel

  •    Go

Automatically detect crashes and report errors in your Go apps. Get alerts about errors and panics in real-time, including detailed error reports with diagnostic information. Understand and resolve issues as fast as possible. Learn more about Bugsnag's Go error monitoring and error reporting solution.

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