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Side-Menu.iOS - Animated side menu with customizable UI

  •    Swift

Animated side menu with customizable UI. Made in Yalantis. Check this project on dribbble. Check this project on Behance. For application targets that do not support embedded frameworks, such as iOS 7, SideMenu can be integrated by including source files from the SideMenu folder directly, optionally wrapping the top-level types into struct SideMenu to simulate a namespace. Yes, this sucks.

terminal-plus - A terminal package for Atom, complete with themes and more.

  •    CoffeeScript

Terminal-Plus is a terminal package for Atom, complete with themes and more. Nucleus Dark UI with Atom Material Syntax and our Homebrew theme.

argos - Create GNOME Shell extensions in seconds

  •    Javascript

Most GNOME Shell extensions do one thing: Add a button with a dropdown menu to the panel, displaying information and exposing functionality. Even in its simplest form, creating such an extension is a nontrivial task involving a poorly documented and ever-changing JavaScript API.Argos lets you write GNOME Shell extensions in a language that every Linux user is already intimately familiar with: Bash scripts.

Service Board

  •    ASPNET

Simple ASP.NET 2.0 page wich allows you to see state, start/stop windows services on a different computers in a network (if account have required permissions)

Siverlight Project

  •    Silverlight

Hope that everybody continue to develop it.

Drag Animated Panel

  •    WPF

DragAnimatedPanel is a WPF (Window Presentation Fundation) panel that lets you drag and rearrange elements of animation. It's developed in C#.

Asdo Controls and Helpers for WPF

  •    WPF

AsdoLib help to create WPF TabControl that will be work as Chrome. AsdoLib is developed with Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend 4.


  •    Silverlight

This is a control for silverlight that displays Items and Zooms in the one the Mouse is over. It behaves like the Apple Dock (at least similar to it)


  •    JQuery

A jQuery plugin that provides snapping functionality to a set of panels within your interface.

react-foundation-apps - Foundation Apps components built with React

  •    Javascript

Foundation Apps is a new framework for building web apps. It has awesome new features like flexbox based grid, motion-ui, and several core components for building web apps. But, javascript components of foundation-apps are built with angular. Try React Foundation Apps, if you want to use react.

rn-sliding-up-panel - Draggable sliding up panel implemented in React Native

  •    Javascript

React Native draggable sliding up panel purly implemented in Javascript. Inspired by AndroidSlidingUpPanel. Works nicely on both iOS and Android.

pm2-panel - the missing web and mobile panel of pm2 monitor

  •    Javascript

make sure you've active pm2 web early.The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

touch-scroll-physics - scroll physics for a scroll pane with edge bounce and velocity

  •    Javascript

Physics for a touch-based scroll panel. Assumes a single dimension but could easily be extended to two or more.Works best with scroll panes that have a fixed bounding region and need to "bounce" on either end. Can also "dip" into the cell edges (for example: carousels, list views, grids).

tunapanel - Autogenerate live Web-based control panels for Rust programs

  •    Rust

tunapanel lets you quickly and easily generate a Web-based panel for controlling the behavior of a running Rust program, locally or over the network. You simply declare a struct representing all of the panel state, and a callback for updates. If any field fails to parse, the interface will display a "Failure" indication. You can try again immediately.

grafana-cal-heatmap-panel - Cal-HeatMap Panel Plugin for Grafana

  •    Javascript

Caution: This plugin is still unstable. This plugin provides calendar with heatmap, like GitHub contribution calendar.