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patat - Terminal-based presentations using Pandoc

  •    Haskell

patat (Presentations Atop The ANSI Terminal) is a small tool that allows you to show presentations using only an ANSI terminal. It does not require ncurses. You can also find generic linux binaries here: https://github.com/jaspervdj/patat/releases.

markdown-preview-enhanced - One of the 'BEST' markdown preview extensions for Atom editor!

  •    HTML

Markdown Preview Enhanced is an extension that provides you with many useful functionalities such as automatic scroll sync, math typesetting, mermaid, PlantUML, pandoc, PDF export, code chunk, presentation writer, etc. A lot of its ideas are inspired by Markdown Preview Plus and RStudio Markdown. Feel free to ask questions, post issues, submit pull request, and request new features.

cv-boilerplate - Programmatic generation of high-quality CVs

  •    TeX

A boilerplate to ease the pain of building and maintaining a CV or résumé using LaTeX. That makes super easy to update a CV while keeping a consistent structure.

invoice-boilerplate - Simple automated LaTeX invoicing system

  •    TeX

Simple automated LaTeX invoicing system for freelancers. Built along the lines of cv-boilerplate and letter-boilerplate, this boilerplate contains the bare minimum to produce a professional-looking invoice with the least possible effort, so you can concentrate on things that matters.

phd_thesis_markdown - Template for writing a PhD thesis in Markdown

  •    HTML

This repository provides a framework for writing a PhD thesis in Markdown. I used the template for my PhD submission to University College London (UCL), but it should be straightforward to adapt suit other universities too. Clone the repository onto your local computer (or download the Zip file).

pandoc-latex-template - A pandoc LaTeX template to convert markdown files to PDF or LaTeX.

  •    TeX

A clean pandoc LaTeX template to convert your markdown files to PDF or LaTeX. It is designed for lecture notes and exercises with a focus on computer science. The template is compatible with pandoc 2. Install pandoc from http://pandoc.org/. You also need to install LaTeX.

markdown-preview-plus - Markdown Preview + Community Features

  •    TypeScript

Markdown Preview Plus (MPP) is a fork of Markdown Preview that provides a real-time preview of markdown documents. Should you have any problems while installing or using MPP please open up a new issue.

markup.rocks - Pandoc based document editor and converter in your browser.

  •    Haskell

markup.rocks is a client-side app that lets you edit, preview and convert between documents written in various markup languages in your browser. Check out markup.rocks on github to view the source code, file issues and contribute.

pandoc-crossref - Pandoc filter for cross-references

  •    Haskell

pandoc-crossref is a pandoc filter for numbering figures, equations, tables and cross-references to them. The input file (like demo.md) can be converted into HTML, LaTeX, PDF, Markdown or other formats.

markdown-css - Stylesheets for Markdown to HTML conversion

  •    CSS

This is a collection of stylesheets to use when converting Markdown text to HTML format. Stylesheets have been tested to work with Pandoc, but might also work with other converters that output fairly plain HTML.Included stylesheets originate from other projects, and have merely been adapted to work with Markdown and Pandoc, and also styles of some elements have been tweaked to suit the authors' use cases and personal taste. Original files have been kept in the repository to be able to review the changes and to merge changes in from upstream. Anyone looking for a base for their own work is likely to be better off turning to the original sources.

dots - Personal *nix configuration files

  •    Vim

Neovim is a free, cross-platform text editor based on Vim, and is arguably the best editor currently in existence. Although Neovim is admittedly better suited for writing code than prose (largely because of its awkward handling of soft-wrapped lines), I use it for pretty much everything. Emacs is a free, cross-platform text editor, mail client, news reader, organizer, and more. It is the second-best text editor currently in existence. It does not take the streamlined, minimalistic approach that (Neo)Vim does, but it can be made to emulate Vim. I use Emacs for the excellent Org mode. See my emacs.org file for more.

Pandoc-Elements - Perl module to create and process Pandoc documents

  •    Perl

Pandoc::Elements provides utility functions to parse, serialize, and modify abstract syntax trees (AST) of Pandoc documents. Pandoc can convert this data structure to many other document formats, such as HTML, LaTeX, ODT, and ePUB. See also module Pandoc::Filter, command line script pod2pandoc, and the internal modules Pandoc::Walker and Pod::Simple::Pandoc.

kalam - Live preview of pandoc text

  •    Javascript

I needed a live preview of Pandoc text while writing, something like Mou.app but for Pandoc (and not plain Markdown) so that it is easy to work on my books, so I hacked this up.

jandoc - A wrapper for the pandoc document conversion tool with more options.

  •    Javascript

A wrapper for the Pandoc document conversion tool with more options. Pandoc is a universal markup converter written in Haskell. It's a great tool for converting one kind of document into another but I thought it might be nice if there was a way to use it to convert multiple documents at once and expose its API through JavaScript.

bcs_thesis - My bachelor's thesis on the Entity-Component-System pattern and ECST

  •    TeX

Repository for my Bachelor of Computer Science experimental thesis. Written under Prof. Giacomo Fiumara's supervision for Università degli Studi di Messina. Analysis of entity encoding and Entity-Component-System architectural patterns.

panflute - An Pythonic alternative to John MacFarlane's pandocfilters, with extra helper functions

  •    Python

panflute is a Python package that makes creating Pandoc filters fun. For a detailed user guide, documentation, and installation instructions, see http://scorreia.com/software/panflute/. For examples that you can use as starting points, check the examples repo, the sample template, or this github search. If you want to contribute, head here.

libpandoc - C bindings to Pandoc, a markup converter library written in Haskell.

  •    Haskell

The purpose of libpandoc is to make the Haskell library Pandoc available for use from C and other non-Haskell environments that support C FFI. Pandoc and libpandoc support text conversion between HTML, Markdown, LaTeX, OpenDocument and other formats. The latest version is available at GitHub. libpandoc is licensed under GPL version 2 or later, which is also Pandoc's license.

casile - The CaSILE toolkit, a book publishing workflow employing SILE and other wizardry.

  •    Lua

The CaSILE toolkit is a collection of tools designed to automate book publishing from start to finish. The concept is to take very simple input and turn it into a finished product with as little manual intervention as possible. It transforms plain text document formats and meta data into press ready PDFs, E-Books, and rendered promotional materials. CaSILE (pronounced like 'castle') started out life as a submodule called avadanlik included inside my book project repositories (avadanlık being a Turkish word for toolkit). AS most of the parts revolve around SILE, in my head at least CaSILE became Caleb’in Avadanlığı ile Simon’s Improved Layout Engine, roughly translating to “Caleb's SILE Toolkit”. Come to think of it that would have been a simpler way to arrive at the name, but the project has deep Turkish roots so I'm keeping the "a" in the name name as a nod to its origin.

pander - An R Pandoc Writer

  •    R

The main aim of the pander R package is to provide a minimal and easy tool for rendering R objects into Pandoc's markdown. The package is also capable of exporting/converting complex Pandoc documents (reports) in various ways. Regarding the difference between pander and other packages for exporting R objects to different file formats, please refer to this section. Current build and test coverage status: .

easyblogger - Python client for Blogger platform

  •    Python

Blog to blogger from the command line. The tool needs to be granted access to manage the blog. Google APIs use OAuth2.