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pam-mongodb - PAM module to authenticate a user via mongoDB database

  •    Perl

A C PAM module using libmongo-client (MongoDB C driver) and Glib to authenticate a user against a MongoDB database. The general idea of this is that to authenticate users on the network, they will have to have a valid account to a database on the mongoDB server.

pam-u2f - Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) for U2F

  •    C

This module implements PAM over U2F, providing an easy way to integrate the YubiKey (or other U2F compliant authenticators) into your existing infrastructure.This project uses autoconf, automake, pkg-config and libtool to achieve portability and ease of use. If you downloaded a tarball, build it as follows.

fscrypt - Go tool for managing Linux filesystem encryption

  •    Go

fscrypt is a high-level tool for the management of Linux filesystem encryption. This tool manages metadata, key generation, key wrapping, PAM integration, and provides a uniform interface for creating and modifying encrypted directories. For a small low-level tool that directly sets policies, see fscryptctl.To use fscrypt, you must have a filesystem with encryption enabled and a kernel that supports reading/writing from that filesystem. Currently, ext4, F2FS, and UBIFS support Linux filesystem encryption. Ext4 has supported Linux filesystem encryption since v4.1, F2FS added support in v4.2, and UBIFS added support in v4.10. Other filesystems may add support for native encryption in the future. Filesystems may additionally require certain kernel configuration options to be set to use native encryption.

pam-touchid - Pluggable Authentication Module for TouchID enabled MacBooks

  •    Objective-C

This module allows us to authenticate services via touch-id using Apple's LocalAuthentication API. I am using the module to authenticate sudo as it's something we run frequently. The module can be dropped in to authenticate any other PAM enabled service as well. Compile this module as the user who has touchid active. Otherwise manually edit the user id's inside the .m file.

pam_pwnd - A PAM module to test passwords against previous leaks at haveibeenpwned.com

  •    C

This repository contains a simple PAM module for testing whether a password being used for authentication has been listed in the have I been pwned database. Note that in the documentation here we focus upon ensuring that a password used for sudo has not been compromised, but PAM-modules can be used for many purposes, from handling SSH-access, to permitting HTTP-based authentication. There is nothing sudo-specific about our code so this module can be useful in many contexts.