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Google Authenticator - Two factor authentication

  •    Java

The Google Authenticator project includes implementations of one-time passcode generators for several mobile platforms, as well as a pluggable authentication module (PAM). One-time passcodes are generated using open standards developed by the Initiative for Open Authentication (OATH). These implementations support the HMAC-Based One-time Password (HOTP) algorithm specified in RFC 4226 and the Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) algorithm specified in RFC 6238.

OpenPAM - Linux Pluggable Authentication Module

  •    C

OpenPAM is an Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) library that focuses on simplicity, correctness, and cleanliness. Its aim is to gather the best features of Solaris PAM, ?XSSO and Linux-PAM, plus some innovations of its own. In areas where these implementations disagree, OpenPAM tries to remain compatible with Solaris, at the expense of XSSO conformance and Linux-PAM compatibility.

sudo_pair - Plugin for sudo that requires another human to approve and monitor privileged sudo sessions

  •    Rust

sudo_pair is a plugin for sudo that requires another human to approve and monitor privileged sudo sessions. sudo is used by engineers daily to run commands as privileged users. But on some sensitive systems, you really want to ensure that no individual can act entirely autonomously. At Square, this includes applications that manage our internal access-control systems, store accounting ledgers, or even move around real money. This plugin allows us to ensure that no user can act entirely on their own authority within these systems.

libpam-policycache - Password caching module with advanced policies for PAM.

  •    C

Caches passwords from other PAM modules and bypasses those modules based on a configurable policy.Each policy file is INI-style with one section for each potential policy. The first of the most specific matching sections is chosen.

node-unixlib - Native functions providing PAM authentication and flock() capabilities

  •    C++

This native Node.js addon provides native asynchronous standard Unix functions. Tested on NodeJS 0.6.0 on Linux (Fedora 15).

clarion - Web-based FIDO U2F helper for CLI operations (e.g. SSH Log in)

  •    Ruby

Clarion is a web-based frontend to allow remote,non-browser operations (CLI) to perform 2FA on their users. Any software/scripts want to perform 2FA (app) creates a request on Clarion. Then app requests user to visit a request specific path on Clarion. Clarion then performs 2FA on behalf of app, and finally returns an authentication result to app.

rudo - A toy sudo clone written in Rust

  •    Rust

rudo is a toy sudo clone written in Rust that aims to serve as a learning tool as well as (potentially) a useful system administration tool. DISCLAIMER: This is a toy. This has not undergone any formal security analysis. I am not a security expert. Use at your own risk.

pam_radius - This is the PAM to RADIUS authentication module

  •    C

This is the PAM to RADIUS authentication module. It allows any Linux, OSX or Solaris machine to become a RADIUS client for authentication and password change requests. You will need to supply your own RADIUS server to perform the actual authentication. The latest version has a simple merger of the original pam_radius session accounting code which will work only on Linux.

ansible-config_encoder_filters - Ansible role used to deliver the Config Encoder Filters.

  •    Python

This is an Ansible role used to deliver the Config Encoder Filters as a dependency of another Ansible role. Ansible Galaxy contains a lot of useful roles. Some of them exist in many variations which differ only by their parameterization. The parameterization is often used mainly in templates which generate the configuration file. A good example such issues are roles for Nginx of which you can find almost 200 in the Ansible Galaxy.

pam_pwnd - A PAM module to test passwords against previous leaks at haveibeenpwned.com

  •    C

This repository contains a simple PAM module for testing whether a password being used for authentication has been listed in the have I been pwned database. Note that in the documentation here we focus upon ensuring that a password used for sudo has not been compromised, but PAM-modules can be used for many purposes, from handling SSH-access, to permitting HTTP-based authentication. There is nothing sudo-specific about our code so this module can be useful in many contexts.

webtail - A web-server based remote tailing tool writing in golang

  •    Go

Webtail is a web-socket based server that streams log files onto your browser. Written in Golang, this application provides a basic and clean material UI to view the logs as well. To view the UI, navigate to http(s)://server_ip:port and you will be presented with a UI to view the logs.

pam_hook - Pam based webhook authentication for Kubernetes

  •    Go

A PAM webhook endpoint that can be used with Kubernetes. Command line flags override options configured via environment variables.

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