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sudo_pair - Plugin for sudo that requires another human to approve and monitor privileged sudo sessions

  •    Rust

sudo_pair is a plugin for sudo that requires another human to approve and monitor privileged sudo sessions. sudo is used by engineers daily to run commands as privileged users. But on some sensitive systems, you really want to ensure that no individual can act entirely autonomously. At Square, this includes applications that manage our internal access-control systems, store accounting ledgers, or even move around real money. This plugin allows us to ensure that no user can act entirely on their own authority within these systems.

n-pair - generate pairings for n-many sets

  •    Javascript

Pair each array in the array sets together in all the possible combinations, calling cb(pairing) with each possible pairing.

mcl - generic and fast pairing-based cryptography library

  •    Assembly

A generic and fast pairing-based cryptography library. mcl is a library for pairing-based cryptography. The current version supports the optimal Ate pairing over BN curves.

git-mob - A cross-platform command-line tool for social coding

  •    Javascript

Includes co-authors in commits when you collaborate on code. Use when pairing with a buddy or mobbing with your team. Warning: This package hasn't reached v1.0.0 yet. There may be many missing features, lots of bugs, and the API could change until we reach a stable version.

skill-pairing - Mycroft AI official Pairing Skill - connect your Device to home.mycroft.ai

  •    Python

The default backend to provide services for Mycroft users is Home. Pairing a device with Home provides access to privacy-protecting Speech to Text, Wolfram Alpha and other such services, as well as easy configuration for all your Mycroft devices.

bgls - Aggregate and Multi Signatures based on BGLS over BN256 and BLS12-381

  •    Go

This library provides no security against side channel attacks. We provide no security guarantees of this implementation. See here for documentation on the supported curves.