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teletype - Share your workspace with team members and collaborate on code in real time in Atom

  •    Javascript

An Atom package that lets developers share their workspace with team members and collaborate on code in real time.Learn more at teletype.atom.io.

git-pair - Exhibit your pair as an author name on your commits, with only bash and git as dependencies

  •    Shell

You can use as many pairs you want, all you need is keep issuing commands to add more authors. At the end of your pairing session, the above command will reset author names to your global user.name configuration on Git.

git-mob - A cross-platform command-line tool for social coding

  •    Javascript

Includes co-authors in commits when you collaborate on code. Use when pairing with a buddy or mobbing with your team. Warning: This package hasn't reached v1.0.0 yet. There may be many missing features, lots of bugs, and the API could change until we reach a stable version.

mobster - Pair and mob programming timer for Mac, Windows, and Linux

  •    Elm

A mob/pair programming timer, inspired by the MobProgramming/MobTimer.Python. Runs great on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Learn all about mobbing at the MobTimer.Python github page, and at mobprogramming.org. You can play through the mob programming RPG to practice mobbing skills with your team. This is a port of Willem Larsen's excellent Mob Programming RPG. This is a fantastic way to learn about some of the subtleties that are essential to effective mobbing, such as the Driver/Navigator Pattern (also known as Strong-Style).

pairist - Pairing board for the modern era

  •    TypeScript

Pairist is a web app for teams that pair program. It helps you keep track of your pairs and pairing history, the work you have in progress, standup notes, and action items. It can recommend pairs each day based on who has context on what and how recently people have paired with one another. Pairist v2 is a re-imagining of the Pairist project. The original Pairist can be found on the v1 branch.

pair - 🍐 Pair seamlessly with Git when using Github

  •    Go

Binaries for official releases may be downloaded from the releases page on GitHub.

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