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jspaint - 🎨 Classic MS Paint, REVIVED + ✨Extras

  •    Javascript

The goal is to remake MS Paint (including its little-known features), improve on it, and to extend the types of images it can edit. So far, it does this pretty well.Ah yes, good old paint. Not the one with the ribbons or the new skeuomorphic one with the interface that can take up nearly half the screen. And sorry, not the even newer Paint 3D.

Drawpile - A collaborative drawing program

  •    C++

Drawpile is a drawing program that lets you share the canvas with other users in real time. It's a good idea to build in a separate directory to keep build files separate from the source tree.

art-DCGAN - Modified implementation of DCGAN focused on generative art

  •    Lua

Modified version of Soumith Chintala's torch implementation of DCGAN with a focus on generating artworks. Due to the nature of github, and the 100+ MB nature of the pre-trained networks, you'll have to click a link to get the pre-trained models, but it's worth it. Below are some of them and examples of what they can generate. When using any outputs of the models, credit me. Don't sell the outputs of the pre-trained models, modified or not. If you have any questions email me before doing anything.

MaLiang - iOS painting framework based on OpenGL ES. 神笔马良有一支神笔.

  •    Swift

MaLiang is a painting framework based on OpenGL ES. The name of "MaLiang" comes from a boy who had a magical brush in Chinese ancient fairy story. You can simply make it compatible with lower version of iOS and swift by changing only serval lines of code.

moji-brush - https://www.mojibrush.co

  •    Javascript

When deving make sure to command+shift+r to reload to bypass service worker.

libmypaint - libmypaint, a

  •    C

This is the brush library used by MyPaint. A number of other painting programs use it too. License: ISC, see COPYING for details.