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PagingKit - PagingKit provides customizable menu UI

  •    Swift

PagingKit provides customizable menu & content UI. It has more flexible layout and design than the other libraries. There are many libraries providing "Paging UI" which have menu and content area. They are convenient but not customizable because your app has to be made compatible with the libraries' layout and view components. When your philosophy doesn't fit the libraries, you need to fork them or find another one.

vmtouch - Portable file system cache diagnostics and control

  •    C

vmtouch - the Virtual Memory Toucher, is a tool for learning about and controlling the file system cache of unix and unix-like systems. It is BSD licensed so you can basically do whatever you want with it.


  •    DotNet

Q42 "Wheel" for creating pagination / sorting controls in .Net MVC (2/3) projects

Dynamic PagedCollection (Silverlight Pagination)

  •    WPF

PagedCollection helps a developer to easily control the pagination of their collection. This collection doesnt need all datas in memory, it can be attached to RIA/SQL/XML data ... and load needed data one after the other. The PagedCollection can be used with Silverlight.

MVC Demo Project - 3

  •    ASPNET

Example application used to implement a list with sorting, paging and filtering in asp.net MVC4.

SilverDudde Toolkit for Silverlight


SilverDudde Toolkit for Silverlight contains a collection of silverlight controls making life easier for developers. You'll no longer have to worry anymore because these controls will help you guys save your time. It's developed in C# for Silverlight 3.


  •    JQuery

PageMe is a jQuery auto paging plug-in. Just scroll to the bottom to load the next page.


  •    JQuery

jQuery plugin to fix spacebar-based paging when using fixed position elements like navigation menus

iris - Iris is a highly configurable and flexible service for paging and messaging.

  •    Python

Iris core, API, UI and sender service. For third-party integration support, see iris-relay, a stateless proxy designed to sit at the edge of a production network and allow external traffic to pass through.For list of extra features, please see extras_require setting in setup.py.

docpad-plugin-paged - Adds support to DocPad for rendering a document into multiple pages.

  •    HTML

This plugin provides DocPad with Paging. Documents can declare a number of pages that should be rendered for the document, or a collection over which the document should be rendered repeatedly.Install this DocPad plugin by entering docpad install paged into your terminal.

ui-listView - An efficient, scrollable, dynamic list view for angular.

  •    Javascript

An Angular directive for an efficient, dynamically changing list. It's able to handle data sets with thousands of items while providing a similar interface to ng-repeat. Unlike other variations, row heights are based on the row content, and the list view dynamically updates to accommodate changes.This is an initial release. More features and testing are in the works.

redux-paginator - redux-paginator helps you deal with paginated API with Redux without the need to create new actions and reducers cases

  •    Javascript

When dealing with server-side paginated API, I always find myself writting the same actions, reducers cases and selectors for the entities I'm dealing with. Furthemore, I sometime need to display the paginated result, and sometime the whole list of result (or a part of it that's not depending on pagination), so the pagination and the entities need to be managed through different reducers to keep the state normalized. To sum it up : I should be able to add pagination to any non paginated redux app. That's exactly what redux-paginator is made for. Let's start by an example, let's say we want to consume the TodoAPI, the main endpoint for retrieving all todos is...

knockout-paging - Adds an extender to Knockout that can add paging functionality to observable arrays

  •    Javascript

This library adds an extender to Knockout that can add paging functionality to observable arrays. After extending the observable array with the paged extender, the observable array will have new observables, computed values and functions added to it.

mongoose-list - List plugin for mongoose that allows pagination, filtering, sorting.

  •    Javascript

List plugin for mongoose that allows pagination, filtering, sorting. Where to start showing records from. Also known as offset.

fountain - Android Kotlin paged endpoints made easy

  •    Kotlin

A smart and simple way to work with paged endpoints. To see an example of how to use it, check out the introducing Fountain posts: part one and part two. Fountain is an Android Kotlin library conceived to make your life easier when dealing with paged endpoint services, where the paging is based on incremental page numbers (e.g. 1, 2, 3, ...). It uses the Google Android Architecture Components, mainly the Android Paging Library to make it easier to work with paged services.

BaseRecyclerViewAdapter - An Adapter and ViewHolder that let you implementation a RecyclerView to be split into sections

  •    Kotlin

An Adapter and ViewHolder that let you implementation a RecyclerView to be split into sections. And lets you implementation paging and endless-recyclerView easily. If you want to implement multi-sections or rows on a RecyclerView, you should create more than two custom ViewHolders. And you can handle multi-layout like below.

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