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X.PagedList - Library for easily paging through any IEnumerable/IQueryable in ASP.NET/ASP.NET Core

  •    CSharp

This is fork of Troy's project PagedList(https://github.com/troygoode/PagedList). The main difference is that X.PagedList is a portable assembly. It means you can use it not only in Web projects but also in Winforms, WPF, Window Phone, Silverlight and other .NET projects. PagedList is a library that enables you to easily take an IEnumerable/IQueryable, chop it up into "pages", and grab a specific "page" by an index. PagedList.Mvc allows you to take that "page" and display a pager control that has links like "Previous", "Next", etc.

paginator - Generic pagination algorithm wrapped in a CommonJS module

  •    Javascript

Generic pagination algorithm wrapped in a CommonJS module. When developing any kind of application that involves fetching an arbitrary number of elements from somewhere, you'll almost always want some form of pagination. It's impossible to tell in advance how the rest of the application will work, so a generic module that does -only- the pagination algorithm is useful. Enter Paginator.

pagination - Pagination for javascript and nodejs

  •    Javascript

Return an object contains data for rendering markup. See example above.

redux-paginator - redux-paginator helps you deal with paginated API with Redux without the need to create new actions and reducers cases

  •    Javascript

When dealing with server-side paginated API, I always find myself writting the same actions, reducers cases and selectors for the entities I'm dealing with. Furthemore, I sometime need to display the paginated result, and sometime the whole list of result (or a part of it that's not depending on pagination), so the pagination and the entities need to be managed through different reducers to keep the state normalized. To sum it up : I should be able to add pagination to any non paginated redux app. That's exactly what redux-paginator is made for. Let's start by an example, let's say we want to consume the TodoAPI, the main endpoint for retrieving all todos is...

django-rangepaginator - Paginator which shows a range of pages around the active one

  •    Python

This Django app provides a templatetag to render pagination widgets which include a range of pages around the current active one.


  •    Javascript

VioletPaginator is a react-redux package allowing users to manage arbitrarily many filtered, paginated lists of records. We provide a set of premade components including both simple and robust pagination controls, sort links, and data tables. We also make it ridiculously easy to write your own components and configure and extend VioletPaginator's default behavior by composing actions. Additionally, it is assumed that you are running some middleware that allows action creators to return promises, such as redux-thunk.

paginator - Cursor-based pagination for Elixir Ecto

  •    Elixir

Cursor based pagination for Elixir Ecto. There are several ways to implement pagination in a project and they all have pros and cons depending on your situation.

paginator - Offset pagination for Vapor 🗂

  •    Swift

This package currently offers support for offset pagination on Array and QueryBuilder. Next, copy/paste the Resources/Views/Paginator folder into your project in order to be able to use the provided Leaf tags. These files can be changed as explained in the Leaf Tags section, however it's recommended to copy this folder to your project anyway. This makes it easier for you to keep track of updates and your project will work if you decide later on to not use your own customized leaf files.

giant-piano - Minimal Javascript pagination utility

  •    Javascript

giant-piano is a small Javascript pagination utility. All it does is providing you the logic to render a pagination component in your app.