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scrivener - Pagination for the Elixir ecosystem

Note: You're probably looking for Scrivener.Ecto. Have a look there first. Scrivener is a pagination library for the Elixir ecosystem. You most likely won't use Scrivener directly, instead using a library that implements Scrivener's Paginater protocol for the type of data you're trying to paginate.


A simple jQuery plugin to be used for handling pagination on vertical scroll

mongoose-range-paginate - MongoDb / Mongoose pagination done right

An utility function to work with ranged pagination, way faster than using skip().This software is released under the MIT license cited below.

hapi-paginate - A simple pagination for hapijs responses

A basic pagination plugin for Hapi. The plugin listens to page and limit query parameters and add them to request object.

flask-paginate - Pagination support for flask

Paginate support for flask framework (study from will_paginate). Use bootstrap for css framework It requires Python2.6+ as string.format syntax. Open http://localhost:5000 to see the example page.

assemble-boilerplate-blog - Assemble boilerplate with the essential middleware, helpers, templates and (opinionated) configuration necessary to easily create a blog with Assemble

Assemble boilerplate with the essential middleware, helpers, templates and (opinionated) configuration necessary to easily create a blog with Assemble. Heads up! This project is under construction! If you take a look around you'll see multiple (duplicate) config files (assemble.js, gulpfile.js etc). We're just playing around with the config until it feels right. We'll end up with one config file and we'll add some examples for other configs.

pager - Pager UI component

Pager ui component. Set the total number of items to n.

scrivener_ecto - Paginate your Ecto queries with Scrivener

Scrivener.Ecto allows you to paginate your Ecto queries with Scrivener. It gives you useful information such as the total number of pages, the current page, and the current page's entries. It works nicely with Phoenix as well. First, you'll want to use Scrivener in your application's Ecto Repo. This will add a paginate function to your Repo. This paginate function expects to be called with, at a minimum, an Ecto query. It will then paginate the query and execute it, returning a Scrivener.Page. Defaults for page_size can be configured when you use Scrivener. If no page_size is provided, Scrivener will use 10 by default.

redux-paginator - redux-paginator helps you deal with paginated API with Redux without the need to create new actions and reducers cases

When dealing with server-side paginated API, I always find myself writting the same actions, reducers cases and selectors for the entities I'm dealing with. Furthemore, I sometime need to display the paginated result, and sometime the whole list of result (or a part of it that's not depending on pagination), so the pagination and the entities need to be managed through different reducers to keep the state normalized. To sum it up : I should be able to add pagination to any non paginated redux app. That's exactly what redux-paginator is made for. Let's start by an example, let's say we want to consume the TodoAPI, the main endpoint for retrieving all todos is...

github-base - Simple, opinionated node.js interface for creating basic apps with the GitHub API.

JavaScript wrapper that greatly simplifies working with GitHub's API. This lib was completely refactored in v0.2.0. Please see the API documentation for more details.

nodejs-yapaginate - Yet another paginate view helper for nodejs.

Yet another paginate view helper for nodejs. Generate html twitter bootstrap pagination.

paginate-responder - A Rails pagination responder with link header support.

A Rails pagination responder with link header support. It is recommended to use only one pagination gem at once.