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  •    Javascript

A lightweight JavaScript client library for the Wikimedia Pageviews API for Wikipedia and various of its sister projects for Node.js and the browser. The client library requires native or polyfilled Promises support. Below are some samples of how to use it in practice.

pageviews - Pageviews Analysis tool for Wikimedia Foundation wikis

  •    Javascript

IE10 and Safari 8 and below are not supported. The source code for Pageviews Analysis and it's sister applications is released under the MIT license.


  •    Javascript

A drop-in plugin that integrates Google's trackEvent directly into Backbone's navigate function. Works best with pushState set to true. If pushState is turned off, it's possible Google will register visits twice on page load. You can mitigate that by removing the trackEvent from the Google code in your site. Add the asynchronous Google Analytics code to your site.