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api-reference - Pagar.me's API reference

  •    CSS

When you're ready to ship, Docbox's build task minifies JavaScript and uses React's server rendering code to make documentation indexable for search engines and viewable without JavaScript. Documentation is written as Markdown files in the content directory, and is organized by the custom/content.js file - that file requires each documentation page and puts them in order.

artis - :credit_card: Projeto de Checkout desenvolvido em parceria entre MundiPagg e Pagar.me.

  •    Javascript

Projeto em desenvolvimento em parceria entre Mundipagg e Pagar.me. Este repositório está em fase de desenvolvimento, então muitas mudanças ainda podem acontecer. A ideia é construirmos um Checkout que possa ser facilmente integrado em diversos e-commerces do Brasil, de forma segura e confiável.

escriba - :scroll: Logging on steroids

  •    Javascript

The motivations for this library is to provide ways for a better express application logging. To achieve this goal we provide tools to managing logs, a log tracker across services and we add relevant information to your log. Escriba provides two kinds of logger: logger and httpLogger.

javascript-style-guide - :art: Javascript styleguide followed by us here at Pagar.me

  •    Javascript

Our style guide is based on Airbnb's. Differences between them are described below. The peer dependencies specified above have hardcoded versions. If you prefer you can use the command npm info eslint-config-airbnb-base@latest peerDependencies to find the exact peer dependencies to install.

pagarme-php - :blue_heart: Pagar.me's PHP API

  •    PHP

Check the wiki for detailed documentation. Also checkout our contributing guide before you send us any contribution.

payment-request - :money_with_wings: Implementation of Payment Request Api using pagarme

  •    Javascript

:money_with_wings: Implementation of Payment Request Api using pagarme