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lwip - Light Weight Image Processor for NodeJS

This module provides comprehensive, fast, and simple image processing and manipulation capabilities.There are no external runtime dependencies, which means you don't have to install anything else on your system.

Guitar - A Cross-Platform String and Regular Expression Library written in Swift.

This library seeks to add common string manipulation functions, including common regular expression capabilities, that are needed in both mobile and server-side development, but are missing in Swift's Standard Library. The full documentation can be found at http://www.sabintsev.com/Guitar/.

add-line-numbers - adds line numbers to a source string

Adds line numbers to a source string, padding left and starting at the given offset.Adds a number to the start of each line in the str text.

lexicographic-integer - create lexicographic string keys for positive integers without zero-padding

At most, a number will take 10 bytes to store (2 more bytes than a regular double) but all numbers less than 251 only take a single byte.If encoding is undefined or 'array', return an array of byte values between 0 and 255, inclusive for the integer n.

polygon-offset - Small lib for polygon offsetting(margin/padding)

Small lib for polygon offsetting(margin/padding). See the example of how it can be used with Leaflet. It handles quite well oddly shaped and concave polygons. The reason I wrote this is that the only working solution to this problem known to me is Angus Johnson's Clipper library. Library is huge and offsetting in it is subroutine.

postcss-logical - Use logical properties and flow-relative values in CSS

PostCSS Logical Properties and Values lets you use logical, rather than physical, direction and dimension mappings in CSS, following the CSS Logical Properties and Values specification. Otherwise, consider using the dir option to transform all logical properties and values to a specific direction.

16pixels - 16pixels

16pixels.css is a set of CSS rules to ensure consistent 16 pixels based typography. Pixels are used for font sizes and line heights, as well as for paddings and margins. Can be used as typography normalizer. No dependencies. Wrap your HTML content with class .col and you are done.


Typeboost.css is a set of CSS rules to ensure readable, scalable and responsive typography. REMs are used for font sizes, paddings, and margins. Can be used as typography normalizer. No dependencies. Wrap your HTML content with class .col and you are done.

react-spaceman - React component to manage whitespace

React component to manage whitespace inside components and between components. Inspired by Nathan Curtis’ article Space in Design Systems.

justified - Wrap, align and justify the words in a string.

Wraps words to a specified length and justifies the text in each line. Please consider following this project's author, Jon Schlinkert, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

repeat-string - Repeat the given string n times

Repeat the given string n times. Fastest implementation for repeating a string. Repeat the given string the specified number of times.

css-spaces - A simple CSS spacing library for margins, paddings, widths, heights and more

Many libraries try to do everything: sizes, typography, buttons, grid, helpers. CSS Spaces concentrates on one thing only: some classes to add spaces between elements. Use it with whatever framework or library you like. Add classes to create paddings and margins.