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Snakebasket - Recursive Python Package Installer

  •    Python

snakebasket is a recursive Python package installer that makes multi-package Python development a little easier. It's a layer on top of pip that can resolve and install an entire dependency graph with a single command: sb install. It recursively reads requirements from simple requirements.txt or old-school setup.ph files when sb install is run and decides between conflicting versions and installs the latest one.

seed - It's a seed-cret. ;-)

  •    Javascript

Seed is a package manager for installing CommonJS-based packages. You can use Seed to simplify distributed development of JavaScript-based code. Since a lot of people use packages differently, Seed's goal is to remain very small and extensible through plugins. You can easily add new JS loaders, support for new types of local and remote seed repositories, and even replace the require system itself.