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Vampire Knight Transformation Pack


This program is a GUI transformation pack which can bring "Vampire Knight" style to your computer GUI. Language: VB.NET IDE+Platform: Visual Studio 2005 + .NET Framework 2.0

packet - Incremental binary parsers and serializers for Node.js.

  •    Javascript

Incremental binary parsers and serializers for Node.js. In the middle of the final rewrite after many years of learning about Node.js.

tar-stream - tar-stream is a streaming tar parser and generator.

  •    Javascript

tar-stream is a streaming tar parser and generator and nothing else. It is streams2 and operates purely using streams which means you can easily extract/parse tarballs without ever hitting the file system.Note that you still need to gunzip your data if you have a .tar.gz. We recommend using gunzip-maybe in conjunction with this.

ndarray-pack - Packs an array-of-arrays into an ndarray

  •    Javascript

Converts an array-of-arrays (ie numeric.js array) into a packed ndarray.Converts the nested array into a packed ndarray.

iso-8583 - :credit_card: A native Node module to process ISO 8583 Financial transaction card originated messages

  •    C

ISO 8583 Financial transaction card originated messages — Interchange message specifications is the International Organization for Standardization standard for systems that exchange electronic transactions made by cardholders using payment cards.A native method to pack a message.

deppack - Extract node modules to browser.

  •    Javascript

Extract nodejs dependencies to browser.The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

glue - Server composer for hapi.js

  •    Javascript

calling each based on the configuration generated from the Glue manifest.Glue's API is a single function compose accepting a JSON manifest specifying the hapi server options and registrations.

lexicographic-integer - create lexicographic string keys for positive integers without zero-padding

  •    Javascript

At most, a number will take 10 bytes to store (2 more bytes than a regular double) but all numbers less than 251 only take a single byte.If encoding is undefined or 'array', return an array of byte values between 0 and 255, inclusive for the integer n.

uart-pack-frame - pack data in the UART format used for serial communication

  •    Javascript

Create a pack instance p.Presently unconfigurable options: 8 bits, no parity.

shell-pack - pack and unpack stdout and stderr in a binary-efficient way

  •    Javascript

In a real setting you would serialize the results in between piping the processes together.Pack and multiplex the output from streams ps into a readable strem rs.

struct-fu - Yet another node.js struct implementation (object↔︎buffer conversion)

  •    Javascript

Convert between JSON and binary according to a given field layout/structure declaration. struct-fu is [yet another] buffer reading/writing helper; sort of like typedef struct foo for JavaScript. Here are the available "normal" field types. Note that for standalone fields the name and count parameters are always optional. For fields nested within a struct field, you must provide a name.

offline-npm - hasslefree npm pack including all dependencies for offline installation with npm install

  •    Javascript

npm >= v3.x bundled with node >= v5 has broken this project. preinstall script is since then called after requests to npm registry are made. This makes it impossible for offline-npm to start as a registry server. See BROKEN.md for detailed logs. Add offline-npm to your project to serve a npm compatible tgz file wich contains all dependencies for offline installation with npm install.

node-binstruct - Binary encoding/decoding for objects in NodeJS

  •    Javascript

This module helps you work with binary structures in Buffers. You first define the layout of your binary data and then use that definition to convert objects to/from their binary representation or you can wrap a buffer with an object where getters/setters for fields update and read the buffer in place. This module requires node 0.6 or better, as it uses the binary type read/write methods on Buffer introduced with node 0.6.

iPacker - A node.js tools for packing some images into one.

  •    Javascript

A node.js tools for packing some images into one. First, download and install ImageMagick.

layout - Organize and layout items based on various algorithms

  •    Javascript

Items can be added via addItem which are required to have a height and width. Any additional info should be stored inside of meta. export is how you take your items and organize them.

npm-bundle - npm pack with dependencies included

  •    Javascript

Similar to npm pack but includes packages in the dependencies section of the package.json. There must be a better way...

boxpack - Bin packing algorithm for rectangles

  •    Javascript

Defines rectangles that we want to pack in a bin. Defines where a rectangle was packed in a bin.