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android - OwnTracks Android App

  •    Java

This is the OwnTracks Android app. See our booklet for a list of known issues and restrictions.

recorder - Store and access data published by OwnTracks apps

  •    C

The OwnTracks Recorder is a lightweight program for storing and accessing location data published via MQTT (or HTTP) by the OwnTracks apps. It is a compiled program which is easy to install and operate even on low-end hardware, and it doesn't require an external database. There are two main components: the Recorder obtains data via MQTT subscribes or HTTP POST, stores the data in plain files and serve it via its built-in REST API, and the ocat command-line utility reads stored data in a variety of formats.



This repo contains the working Home Assistant configuration for Anchorage House. Below are links to the devices currently being used, blog posts, and other HA enthusists that provided inspiration and configs to help build this config. All of the code is free to use. The configuration was migrated from a old PC to a RaspberryPi 3 back in 2017. The old configutation is stored in branch V1-config for anyone that wants to see the old version.

ioBroker.owntracks - Web server for geopositioning service OwnTracks

  •    Javascript

OwnTracks is an app for android and iOS. App sends continuously your position (position of device) to some specific server. In our case it will be ioBroker server.

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