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kube-ovn - An OVN-based Kubernetes Network Fabric for Enterprises

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Kube-OVN integrates the OVN-based Network Virtualization with Kubernetes. It offers an advanced Container Network Fabric for Enterprises. The Switch, Router, Firewall showed in the diagram below are all distributed on all Nodes. There is no single point of failure for in cluster network.

kubernetes-ovn-heterogeneous-cluster - Bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster that can run both Linux and Windows workloads on Google Cloud

  •    Shell

At the time of this writing, the instructions are meant to be run on Google Compute Engine, but apart from gcloud calls and a few networking details, everything detailed below should work regardless of the adopted cloud-provider.Go Here for instructions on an automated deployment of the same cluster described in the manual steps above on Google Cloud Platform.

SDN-Datacenter - Making a software defined datacenter

  •    Python

Deploying a Software defined network(SDN) on a physical hardware consisting raspberry pi. Performing network slicing and further installing firewall as a service on the sliced network. The deployed single physical network which contains two types of traffic : Type-1 (Faculty) and Type-2 (students). The Type-1 traffic gets higher bandwidth and lower delays and goes through relaxed firewall rules while Type-2 gets smaller bandwidth per user and best effort delays and restricted rules through firewall.

milky - https://github.com/openshift/sdn

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Milky is base on Openshift SDN, it is aim to provide pod network for k8s. It is working with kubeadm.

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